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Earning A Living Online: Dealing with Rejection

Updated on July 28, 2011

Hello there.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my latest hub concerning Earning a living as an Online Writer and Entrepreneur. Hopefully you've already read my first article "Is Earning an Income Online A Pipedream?"

I want to begin this article simply by stating the simple fact that I get upset an awful lot. But it's something that I should expect.

What am I referring to that gets me so upset?


Notice that I gave the word a different heading...well there is a reason for that and it's because if your trying to earn a living as an online writer, rejection is going to become your best friend, and I'll tell you why in a moment.

When I first started to do freelance writing here in the online world, I did not have a lot of experience doing this for a living. Of course I had been a blogger for quite some time, but that was for all intents and purposes as a sideline or hobby. It hadn't been something that was my livelihood... yet.


At the end of 2010, I found myself unemployed like many other Americans.Unlike many Americans though I was already familiar with

the wonders of the net, and so I started exploring and searching for ways to earn a living. I choose to begin writing, and after a few months and a bit of mentoring from a friend, I launched my business KeyWords Media.

It's my content business and for the moment it's part of my overall plan to get work as an online business. Unfortunately, I do not have a ton of clients due to my efforts through KeyWords Media as of yet. Most of my clients have been found through freelance sites such as Hubpages and other places ( which I won't mention here) but I have started to learn the in's and out's of finding online writing jobs, and I want to share one thing with have to be able to deal with...wait for it, that's right your best friend "Rejection."

Not an exaggeration

Let me be very up front with any of you reading this article that are just beginning the journey. You will find that you will apply for many freelance jobs through a few different sites, and what you will find is that many of your job bids or proposals will be declined ( another word for rejected, just much nicer sounding) and the reasons can by myriad.

A few of the things that I have read so far as it relates to submitted proposals are things such as:

  • Sorry, I think you're over qualified
  • The positions have all been filled
  • We just went with someone else
  • Your bid for the job was too high

I'm sure that I've left a few out, but you get the picture right?

Grow a thick skin

This is my best advice for you. Seriously, grow a thick skin, because it's going to help. I've had to come to terms with the fact that rejection is just part of this game. I'm not the only person out there that is bidding for a job to do some writing or blogging ...and neither are you. It's hard to do, but you have to take this approach..."that rejection is just another opportunity for my next job," in other words you have to look at it as there is a better job waiting for you to bid on and take. Any other attitude that you have that may be negative, is just going to torpedo your efforts so just learn to take rejection in stride and shake it's hand...make it your friend.

Follow the process

What am I talking about here? Very simply, just follow the process that you have to do to get a job. Make a routine that you follow each and everyday to assure that you have available work to help meet the bills. My process is something like this...

  • Bid on jobs
  • Accept work
  • Finsh the job
  • Bid on jobs

Yes, I can hear you say to me I left out getting paid, well that should be just assumed on your part! But seriously, this is the long and short of it. There is no magic bullet to finding work, it's just like going out in the real world ( well sort of, many places now have you apply online for jobs) if your not applying for work, then don't expect to be working.

Maybe if your pursuing a different mode for getting work such as blogging where you establish yourself, then maybe " They will come," Maybe...but in the meantime get on that bicycle and start applying for that next writing job, and remember one rejection is just another opportunity for that next writing job.

Oh yeah, and start growing that skin okay, because your going to need it, and the best of luck to you.


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