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What Is The Secret To Earning More Money?

Updated on September 29, 2012

How Can You Earn More Cash Now?

Yes you might have the desire to earn more. You might have the best idea or business plan in the world. You might have been wanting to work for yourself from home for years. You might have bought the best and most modern computer to support your new online business. But will you succeed. It needs a lot more to be successive in a home based online business. Apart from not a little luck, if you want to earn more money from home you will need the right mental attitude.

How Can You Earn More Cash Now?

The desire to earn more money is a basic part of human nature. For some, whatever money they possess right now will never be sufficient. For a lot of people, there is a need for money to simply survive. However, for the rest of us keen to make more money online there is a desire to be in control of our own lives, work at home and get away from the daily rat race.

To achieve this needs a change in mind set. Do not think that you can surf the web for a profitable business opportunity, follow the instructions and expect to quickly replace your current income with your new business opportunity. There is a great deal more to creating a successful and rewarding lifestyle than that.

First let us assume that you have been able to find a potentially great business plan. More about this below.  Just having a great idea of what you want to do will not make the business a success. If you are used to going to work every day, and perhaps you are still doing this while your business opportunity takes shape, you will expect people to talk to, things done for you and support systems to fall back on when things go wrong. It is not always easy to find support when running a home based business!

Working alone is OK, after all this is what you desired in order to be in control of your working life. You will just need to get used to the lack of interaction and develop a strong work ethic.
You need to develop a framework in which to work. Even if you are working part time to supplement your day job you must reserve however long you can spare each month and maintain this routine without fail. Setting goals to keep you going will aid you. Instead of looking back and worrying that 10 hours worked in the week has not produced any results, look back and seeing 15 potential sales secured is a fantastic motivator.

To be successful at a home based business and replace your present income or simply just make some money, you must apply yourself diligently to your tasks, be realistic in your aspirations and set your targets very so often as milestones.

Choosing the right business

Probably the single biggest hurdle in starting your own business or finding a way to work from home is deciding on what business you want to do. If you have no idea it would be best not to waste your efforts looking as you will be too receptive to all the scams and get rich quick schemes that there are out there!

try thinking like this - although it would be great to earn a living from the Internet it is not as easy as many who want to take your money would have you believe. Park the thought of making a living from affiliate marketing or Google adsense! Do not get rid of it entirely though...

Now consider what you do best and what you like the most. You need to come up with a list of things that you can or want to do. For example - I want to work for myself and would like nothing better than spending a morning on the Internet tending to my money making Hubs and sites - but it will only earn me pocket money for the foreseeable future.

So - I look at my day job and decide that I can make some money doing this as a consultant working from home with low overheads. Setting up this consultancy definately is another subject area and will not be considered here - but the essence is that I am simply continuing my career in a way that suits me - it sort of gets rid of the day job and makes me my own boss which is what is at the top of most peoples wish lists. I do not spend 10 hours every week commuting and answer to nobody but the need to earn enough to live on. And it gives me more spare time to tinker with the web sites!

The other course is to not develop your job - keep going out to work. Instead develop something you like or want to do - in your spare time. This is where you can build your web site. In time it will become authoritative and earn you money. In time it can be linked to a retail arm that makes you a proper income. You will be developing it because you want to and the revenue will come later as a welcome benefit. For example, I am keen on scuba diving. I plan to develop my scuba diving site at some point. Eventually it becomes an informative and well visited site with affiliate pages and links to products on Amazon and eBay. It becomes a more useful and rewarding pursuit than simply attempting to make money from the Internet.

In conclusion?

There is always more to say on this subject so it is not possible to conclude. Many people may want more instant results than my more measured approach. Yes it is possible to make money on the Internet. I was always keen on the idea and recommended it to a friend. They started two years ago and only now are starting to reach modest levels of income - working full time! In another year they will no doubt be earning a comfortable living. Not many people will want to take 3 years working full time to replace their day job!

You need to know exactly what you want to do - if it is Internet marketing be prepared to invest time and effort into building your business.


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    • Mark Jenner profile imageAUTHOR

      Mark Jenner 

      9 years ago

      Many thanks Lorraine

    • Lorraine Arams profile image

      Lorraine Arams 

      9 years ago

      Good basic reminder - we all need to develop good basic patterns which will serve our goals.


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