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Earning with Affiliate Programs: 2 Programs you May not Know About

Updated on January 16, 2012

Without getting into all of the technical details an affiliate program allows you the opportunity to earn via promoting other sites, products or brands. Companies who want help selling or getting noticed offer affiliates either a commission or percentage of sale for each order placed or sign up received via their affiliate link.

An affiliate program for affiliate programs. Ok, that may have just confused you but bare with me. The first program I want to share with you is unique and unlike any other program that I've come across in my many years online. That doesn't mean it is the only one out there, it just means it is the only one that has caught my attention.

Viglink is the unique program that I am talking about. It is perfect for the blog/website owner that doesn't have the time or patience to sign up with a bunch of different online affiliate programs.

Here is a basic breakdown of how it works. You sign up with Viglink, providing the site you want to have monetized with affiliate programs, add a little code to your site and let Viglink do it's job. It's "job" is to go through and monetize existing links that are related to an affiliated program or product. You should note that It is designed to not interfere with links you already have monetized and can be used in conjunction with Adsense. It is able to create links to products or programs through anchor text on your site as well.

They have numerous affiliate programs that they are signed up with and by using them both you and the site profit. If a sale is made or terms met (sign up...) through an affiliate then they share the wealth with you. You can also earn for referring people to their site as well.

The second program is one that you may have already heard about if not it is definitely an affiliate program you need to sign up with.

This affiliate program lets you Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. What this is in easier to understand terms is a website that offers merchant and publishers a chance to make money. Sign up with the site, search for products or merchants that will fit nicely with content you've created or plan to create - join the programs of your choice and they provide text links or banners that you can add directly to your site.

These banners and links will have your affiliate ID already incorporated in them and when someone signs up or makes a purchase (depending on what each offer entails) you earn a specified percentage. The amount you can earn varies from one merchant/product to another so you can pick and choose products and rates that you feel will convert and best suits your article or review.

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      Kieran Gracie 6 years ago

      These affiliate-sharing programs could be useful for blog owners who are more interested in writing their blogs than in making money online.