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Earning & Info for Flash Fiction Online

Updated on February 19, 2017

What is Flash Fiction?

Flash fiction is for those who don't know, very short stories under 1000 words long. I myself do prefer writing longer stories about 5000 words long, but have at times wrote flash fiction. Its a hard skill to master but one which you get better with over time. There are now literally thousands of online fiction magazines out their on the net, and many of them pay writers to submit their stories. This is where you can find sites who pay for flash but not every magazine is after it, so you have got to do a little research to find the ones which are.

Earning with Flash Fiction

The big question most writers will want to know, is can I earn from it? The answer to this question will be different to each different person. It depends on what you mean by get paid. If your asking can you stop doing all else and make a living out of flash fiction, then probably not. But then if your looking for extra work to supplement other incoming earnings then yeah you can do that. The fact is the amount of money you can make through flash fiction will boil down to how good your stories are. There is a market out their for this stuff, but the only way to succeed is to write great engaging stories so people love it and want more. As far as payments are concerned they differ from one magazine to the next. I have seen some which offer 3 dollars for a 1000 word story, others 10 dollars and there are some which offer 50 dollars. The money is their for you to grab, but its no easy task and much hard work.


More Info and Benefits to Writing Flash Fiction

One of the great things about flash fiction and online fiction magazines in general, is they give platforms for unknown writers to get heard. Just because someone is unknown does not mean they are not talented, and online fiction mags can really give new writers a ready and waiting audience. Most sites will allow you to place a link at the end of your story, so you can direct people to other great works you have done so its a great way for writers to promote themselves. You can't really just pick a site and just work for them as most only accept one story at a time, some take months to get back whilst others only accept one or two story submissions at a time. So for fiction writers eager to increase profits then you will need to spread your work across lots of sites, but as there are thousands out their this shouldn't be to difficult. Just think you could have hundreds of stories out their published to lots of different online fiction mags, each story with links back to your blogs and books. It is a real good opportunity for those who have the mental drive to see it through.

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Everyday Fiction

Everyday Fiction is a magazine/website which will pay out for flash fiction, but in truth the money's not great. At 3 dollars some may wonder why someone would even bother, but for many writers its not just about money right now. The link they will let you place at the end of your story leading back to a blog or book, could lead to more sales later on. Everyday Fiction has a big following online and on social media, so publishing with them can be great exposure for a writer. This can be great for a new writer but also more experienced ones to. Another great service this mag provides to new writers is feedback. If they don't accept a story most of the time you will get up to five messages through email, from different people letting you know what they liked and disliked in your story. They are very polite and can direct you through constructive criticism telling you what it is you need to work on. So Everyday Fiction, the pay not great but still worth it for some.

Flash Fiction Online

If that is not enough for you and your after some real cash, then there are other things you can try like this site Flash Fiction Online. Here is a place which not only offers exposure but also 60 dollars per published story, that is not bad going for 1000 words. They have a real easy submission's page and only take about two weeks to get back to you on a decision, which is much faster than many. This place want nothing rude, profane or violent but are after well written flash fiction stories on no particular genre's.

Daily Science Fiction and More

This online fiction mag is a little different from the two written of above, as it asks for stories between 100 - 1500 long, so a little longer but still flash fiction I would say. The name gives you what kind of stories they want, that of science fiction. Payment is also a little different at eight cents per word, its quick easy money for quickly wrote but interesting stories. These are just a couple of the online fiction magazines out their that pay people for flash fiction, there are loads and they are easy to research and find on Google. It all comes down to can you pull a good enough story off, if your answer is a quick yes three times daily then you could be in the money.


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