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The Easiest Way To Make Money Online

Updated on April 6, 2010

Let's begin...

There are so many ways to make money online but none of them are truly as simple and easy as freelance writing.

Freelance writing is a skill anyone with a computer and basic research knowledge can begin to make money online.

Millions of websites and blogs thrive on unique and timely content; content you could easily provide with a few hours of research and a few more to write.

The greatest part about freelance writing on the web is you don't need to treat it like the next great novel.

The internet gives us all the ultimate resource to learn any subject, combined with writing, you can earn a healthy living writing for websites and blogs.

Here are a few ways to get started with your freelance writing career and begin making money online.

What People Are Looking For

Before you begin writing your first post, you should understand what people are looking for.

Generally speaking, freelance content writers have the task of writing articles and posts about any number of subjects within the scope of 300 - 1,000 words.

The more words you can offer in your writing, the higher you will be paid - it's as simple as that.

Most website and blog owners look for short and sweet content to add to their blog. With such a busy lifestyle not all website owners have the time to contstantly write which is why they outsource content creation to freelance writers.

Freelance blog writers can earn a healthy side income by writing about select niche topics and selling their articles from $1 - $10 a pop.

These posts generally are bought in bulk to provide the website or blog with lots of content over the coming months, avoiding downtime.

Research Your Topic

Once you've established that you can begin making money online as a freelance writer, it's time to begin researching your topics.

Say it with me: Google is my friend.

With search engines (such as Google) you have an infinite library of knowledge to learn from and generate ideas for your writing.

When you are given or pick a subject, simply visit your search engine of choice and begin to search for content you would naturally look for as someone interested in the topic.

Use common search strings to find out what people are asking and take a mental note, these questions are ones you should answer in your writing to deliver more valuable content to your buyer.

Once you've gathered a basic arsenal of information, it's time to dig down deeper to find inspiration and information for the unique aspect of your post.

Using social media, forums, Google Wonderwheel, keyword tools and other applications/programs, you can find information some rarely know - a bonus for your content.

Include these ideas within your writing to create content that people will fall over themselves to buy.

Begin Your Writing

Now that you're in the writing mindset and found your subject, it's time to begin writing.

Load up your favorite word processor (mine's simple: Notepad) and develop an overview of what you plan to write about.

What I find helpful is to break my posts into manageable chunks by figuring out a couple keypoints I would like to cover in each article.

Once you have the general guideline down, begin writing the body of the content, don't worry about the opening and closing - you should work on what's going to give the reader the most information for the time being.

Now that you've finished the body of the contnet, jump back up to the introduction and write something that compells people to read on. 

Because you wrote your body first, you will be able to pick out snippets of information that will peak the interest in the reader, giving your content a stronger form and ultimately more valuable to the people buying.

Next you will close your article. The simplest method of closing it to repeat what you told them throughout the article and sum it up with a call to action - a sentence or two of what you want them to do after they've finished reading the post.

It's best to keep the headline until the end. The general idea of your post may change over time while writing which is why it's better to create a title that exactly summarizes the content of your article.

The headline should catch, not only a reader's attention, but those who are willing to buy articles.

Congratulations, you've just took your first step to become a freelance web writer!

Find A Market Place

Now that the hard work is said and done, it's time to find a market where you can sell your work.

Many freelance job boards such as and DigitalPoint has sections devoted soley to content writing for blogs and websites.

You could also find website and blog owners that ask for articles on websites such as Craigslist, ArticleMe and places such as Squidoo and right here on HubPages.

There are thousands of places where you can sell your articles and services online, all you have to do is look around, stay focused and jump at the opportunity.

Do you make money online by writing? Share your story below.

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