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Eastern Spices Goes Western - - INDIAN CURRY going INTERNATIONAL

Updated on February 24, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Godrej take Hershey - Orkla takes MTR - McCormick take Eastren.Curry goes West - Chocolate Comes to INDIA from USA.

Rasam Powder,Sambar Powder,Curry Masala and all Masala are already a Hit in the Global Market through Indian Shops over any country on the Map.Now the MNC'S are coming to India like Orkla who took over MTR and making it a major chain of Ready to eat Indian Food in India.They have plans to invest millions of dollars here in Bangalore to increase their production to serve all over India.

MNC United Biscuits - UK-based makers of McVities,Hoola Hoops and Jacob's Crackers brands-bought a facility of SS Food Industries(SSFI)that makes biscuits for exports to Africa and West Asia,to launch McVite's,a joint in India.Godrej Hershey's,a joint venture formed in 2007,between the Hershey Company (USA)and Godrej Group and GHL,operates in multiple categories such as confectionery,beverages and grocery items.McCormic entered the Indian market through a JV with an other Kerala-based spices company AVT in 1994.

The most recent McCormick deal is said to be of strategic importance for the company's global market as Eastren is likely to be a sourcing base for McCormic.India enjoys 48% in volume and 44% in value share in global spice trade.

MNC'S are coming to India through various deals,their short term goal is to boost profits due to robust sales and long term being to capture the whole Indian Market with established Brands rather than creating another which may sound unfamiliar to house wifes in India.

Market for Indian Spices is expected to grow as more rural folks are getting to know more on the life style of urban people.The TV being one such avenue showing ads of curry powder makers with repeated ads day in and day out.One such is MDH masala with a old man in turban throwing his hands and dancing or raiding a elephent.Masala's are now a house old industry with restaurants demanding curry masala from homes.Kerala,Mangalore,Tamil Nadu ,Andhra and Mysore original ingredients giving a distinctive taste and flavor for the local people here in Bangalore which is a home for all the states in south India.

Unlike other trade spice and food has a deeply personal choice.


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