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Easy Businesses to Start From Home

Updated on April 22, 2011

Things that can be Done

dog washing can pay well
dog washing can pay well
child care is rewarding
child care is rewarding
car detailing means perfection
car detailing means perfection
walking dogs can be done all at one time
walking dogs can be done all at one time

Here are a Few Ideas

The one thing that all businesses have in common is that even though you may be able to begin them from your home, eventually you must get a business license from your county and keep things legal. If you get far enough to get a sellers permit, you should also think about naming the business and running a fictitious name on it to see if it is already being used. After this point, you are held liable to pay taxes on the business. You only have to do this after the business has been established.

Beginning a business is not really hard, especially if you are doing something you like to do. Here are a list of ideas, things that I have done on and off in the past that make good money. Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Car detailing- Finding the ideal place to do this is the clue to its success. Washing a car and then detailing the inside and out includes vacuuming, cleaning windows, cleaning the vinyl, polishing the chrome, and cleaning any upholstering that you see. A job of this sort pays at least $25 and upwards per car.
  2. Cleaning the keyboards from home computers. So many people do not know how to remove the keys and clean the inside around all the buttons with a few q-tips and alcohol. Never use water. Replace the buttons and clean them with a soft cotton rag dampened slightly. Finishing, wipe down the face of the keyboard with same damp rag getting all the dirty and fingerprinted well used areas. Sometimes the mouse can also be cleaned up but only the old ball type can be taken apart. This type of service I have only ever done for family, but if I were going to put a price on it I would start at maybe $10-15 per.
  3. A lot of working people have dogs that need walking while they are at work, and some families need the walking service for lack of time. Most dog walkers are needed in big cities where people have to perform this service for the dog several times a day. Some people want it for housebreaking services, and others do that part of it, but need their dogs to to get exercise so they don't chew things, and misbehave at home. If you can set up daily schedules with clients you can make some decent money doing this.
  4. Collecting mail and newspapers for people while they are on vacation. Although this may be a very hit and miss service, not enough to make it a full time service even if you advertise it is hard to get enough clients on a regular basis to do full time. But, going into it knowing it will only be part time, it is a good way to make some extra money.
  5. Making fliers and advertising for this one makes it a much more successful endeavor. A lot depends on how big the yard is and how overgrown it is, but I turned an every once in a while thing into a full time gardening service that I worked for three years. In the end I had a gardening service that included 5 customers a day, five days a week, that paid me about $20 to 35 each and I was done by noon. I made about $150 to $200 a day cash. It all started with fliers offering a one time yard cleaning including a free estimate. I usually charged about $100 for yards that had been done by a kid forever, that mostly needed flower beds weeded and cultivated, to $250 for a yard that was so overgrown that the weeds were the only thing growing in the rock hard soil. Those usually took two days. Remember you will need tools to do this, and a truck of course to haul away the trimmings and such.
  6. Stenciling house numbers on mailboxes and the curb in front usually was a hit. I charged $5 to $10 per house, and almost nobody said no when I knocked. I would come out of the days with at least a couple hundred dollars.
  7. After school care for children with working parents is a very needed service.
  8. Shopping and doing chores for people who are either housebound, or are busy with too many hours of work. There is nothing like coming home to find that the refrigerator is full and the dishes are done. Sometimes this is a good help for ladies who are very pregnant. I do not mean housecleaning, necessarily. I am more talking about shopping, and maybe paying bills, or any other business hours errands that people cannot get out to do. Once again, the success of this business is all in the advertising, which can be either/and fliers, classified, or banners on the Internet.
  9. Back to the animals, this is another endeavor in which I have made a lot of cash doing for many years. You can either go to their house, or have the take to yours.You cannot do any grooming, like hair trimming, nail cutting, for this you must have a license. But simply washing and blow drying while brushing them out can be done by anybody that has a way with animals. For this service you can charge as little as $5 for a small and easy natured animal, to $50 for the difficult long haired dog that takes a long time. Be sure to agree with the owner on a price before you do the job.

These are only a few ideas that you can do part time and temporary, to full time and work it into a business with permanent customers. It is not that hard to start a business in this manner, and if it is something that you do not mind doing, you might actually enjoy making your own way in this manner in the world.

Use your imagination and I am sure that you can think of many other ideas of things that people need doing that do not have the time, or things that people do not like doing themselves, and would rather pay someone else to do it for them. Good luck and have fun making some extra money.


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  • vlasha profile image

    vlasha 6 years ago from North Carolina

    very useful-the simple things are sometimes what keeps you paid

    voted up

  • profile image

    SusieQ42 6 years ago

    Excellent source of info. Thank you!

  • ddsurfsca profile image

    ddsurfsca 6 years ago from ventura., california

    You are very correct and thank you for pointing this out because I do have more ideas and a lot of them are exactly what you have indicated. They are for those who cannot move around alot, and mostly computer related. Maybe I will write another hub about those jobs, thanks for the idea.

  • profile image

    msgot2havit 6 years ago

    The things you are saying are true. But, I have had some health issues with my back. I go to school for computer IT Tech and I also am taking a course for my Certified Cisco Network Associate that I can work from home. All the thing you suggested were and are good for some one with good health. I'm going to stick to running my business from my computer. Thank you.

  • ddsurfsca profile image

    ddsurfsca 6 years ago from ventura., california

    I actually did make quite a bit of cash off of a couple of these ideas. I began a landscaping business which I later sold at quite a profit, but worked for three years and built it up first, and also I washed and later groomed animals, which in the end landed me a minimum of $20 cash from each animal. The thing is you have to be happy to start slowly and build it up yourself. These ideas really do work.

  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

    Good ideas, and the main idea--to start small with something you can do, and let it grow, is the main thing. Nobody gets rich overnight, we have to put some back into it!

  • msgot2havit profile image

    msgot2havit 6 years ago from Richmond VA.

    Thank u. I want to start a business from home ( IT Tech ).

    You had some great ideas.

  • marcoujor profile image

    Maria Jordan 6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

    Practical and well-written... I read a book where these types of jobs are called profit centers ~~ with enough of them, through the year, you have become your own boss... you need imagination and motivation!

    Voted UP & USEFUL... thanks!

  • profile image

    marellen 6 years ago

    Good hub and full of useful suggestion.