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4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Website's Conversion Rate

Updated on July 24, 2009

When looking at the stats of your site, the number of visitors is not nearly as important as the conversion rate of those visitors. This is the conversion of just visitors to actual buyers. The goal is to keep them on the page long enough to look at everything you are offering and decide your services are valuable. Here are four easy ways to increase your conversion rate.

1. Make them WANT to read…
…with an attention grabbing headline. Get the reader to the stop and read the rest of the content. Use “talking heads” that not only sum up what the reader will read, but actually provide some information, especially the benefits for the customer.

Headlines should be informative and persuasive, but they shouldn’t be selling. While the headline is extremely important, it’s not going to be what sells your services.

2. Figure out your target market
Ask yourself, what are their needs and how will your service provide for those needs? Write with a “user-centered” approach, meaning you are always keeping your reader in mind.

Use concise and easy to understand words and sentences that make sense for your specific audience. Be compelling and relevant. Focus your content on the target reader, and try not to stray away from that focus. Having a clearly defined message will help your reader know you are interested in serving their needs.

You can utilize the keywords people used to find your site by including them in your headlines and your copy. This will help make your content more relevant to the reader.

3. Build your credibility
Aristotle, the original salesman, explained how important building ethos to be persuasive. You can’t sell anything without building trust and proving your credibility and reliability to the customer.

And with a website you only have 5 seconds to build this trust. Not only must your content be strong but your design must help your case by staying clear and professional.
Trustworthy icons like VeriSign and BBBOnline help strengthen your credibility and increase the professional feel of your site.

4. Tell them what to do next
Don’t assume your readers know what to do next, tell them. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and each step is obvious. Don’t be subtle with what you want your customers to do, explain it outright.

And make it easy to them to contact you. Give your customer ways to reach you before then even have to ask themselves how to do it. Strategically place important phone numbers, e-mails, maps and other ways to reach real people.


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