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Easy Way To Make Money Online As A Writer

Updated on October 6, 2015

Do You Want To Make Money Online As A Writer?

Note: This article was originally written to guide my friends and family members intending to make money online through writing, and through google adsense program, there, it is basically meant for those that are still new in making money online as a writer.

Making money online as a writer is not always as easy and glossy as many writers and webinars may paint it, but all the same, it can be very easy and simple as ABC if the prospective writer is being guided properly by a person that knows how to make money online through writing or running a blog, and not just someone who knows how to earn money online as a freelance writer, but one who’s already into freelance writing, and he or she is truly earning money through freelance writing or blogging. If not, the person that’s being taught how to earn money on the internet through writing may end up getting frustrated or disappointed at the end of the whole process.

Therefore, this article is written to guide newbies and those that are aspiring to earn money on the internet through writing or blogging, and it is written in the most honest approach based on my own personal experience and knowledge in making money online as a freelance writer.

Before I forge ahead, let me run a recap of my experience in blogging for cash online. My journey and struggles to earn income on the internet through writing, dates back to 2006, while my breakthrough in this started in 2009. Firstly, I began my freelance writing career as a hobby in 2006 at ayjw (Association of Young Journalist and Writers), publishing different articles in different genres on their website for free, and to the glory of God, I emerged the best writer of that very month that I joined the association, which was in September 2006.

That award brought me to limelight, and even exposed me to lots of other opportunities, as many editors and columnist, started writing me to join their own team, but then, I wasn’t really interested in making money through my write-ups, so I never gave them attention until later 2008.

To cut the whole story short, I began my full time freelance writing for cash in the year 2009, and the platform I started with was hubpages. Hubpages to me, has been more than a blessing since I joined the site. One thing I would like you to know about hubpages, is the fact that when you are publishing your articles (hubs) via hubpages, you stand a greater chance of getting global readership even without further stress and SEO (search engine optimization).

The site owner and team, have done a lot of programming and configuration works to make their site friendly with google and other search engine bolts, so that any good article you publish on hubpages, gets picked or indexed by google and other search engines automatically, isn’t that awesome? Sure, it is. One other thing that makes hubpages a good platform to start off your online freelance career, is the fact that you earn money very fast and easily too. There are numerous programs you can earn money from when you start writing and publishing your excellent write-ups with hubpages, such as: Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, Kontera, and the hubpages write-to-earn program. All these programs are free to join, once you start publishing with hubpages, so what are you waiting for? But then, you must wait and finish reading this article before you signup with hubpages.

Like I told you earlier, I am going to be as honest as possible in revealing some of the major pitfalls and breakthroughs as a freelance writer, but that would come at the end of this article. But firstly, I must stress it again here that Google Adsense program, is my most profitable work from home programs, and I am making a fair income via it, so I would advise you to pay more attention to it, if for instance, you’re from a third world country like my country, Nigeria.

You know why? Because you may find it difficult to make a sale with Amazon or Ebay, since most of the people buying via those internet shops (Amazon and Ebay), are those from developed countries, who may or will find it difficult to buy or order item through a link displayed on an article written by someone from a third world nation or thereabout (no matter what, the world still suffers discrimination and favoritism). In order words, my candid advice to you if you are from a third world nation, is to channel more of your efforts towards earning more with Google Adsense.

How Does This Making Money Online Thing Work, And Who Pays The Money?

Honestly, you’re not alone, you know why? Because I was once a novice like you, and I equally asked this similar question and more…to the extent that I told myself that all these are online scams! Please, if that is what you have in mind already, clear it off right now and flow with me.

Okay, okay, how does the money come? The money comes through advert placements on your write-ups or articles. When you start publishing with say hubpages for instance, and you have successfully registered and secured a Google Adsense publisher account, and have linked or incorporated your Google Adsense code with your hubpages writer’s account, whenever you publish an article, or ‘hub’ as it is called on hubpages, google by default or automatically, displays different adverts (based on the content of your article or based on the keywords you used in your write-ups) on your articles published on hubpages.

These adverts are owned by companies, individuals, corporate bodies, organizations, etc, and they have paid google inc. through google adword (a branch of google inc. that oversees advertizing online via for people and companies), to advertize their products and services to the internet audience just as companies pay newspapers to advertize their goods and services to people via their newspaper columns. The only difference between google adverts and traditional newspaper adverts, is the fact that the owner of the product being advertized, pays google only for the number of clicks on his/her adverts, which is even more cost-effective because they will only be paying for adverts people are willing to patronize, since google will only charge them when and only when someone clicks on their advert, though there are impression ads…the ones that is charged based on how many people that viewed the advert.

Now, google via Adwords, has collected money from say, company A, to display their beauty products to potential buyers, and now, google needs to make this very product get to the targeted customers globally or within the chosen region (as specified by the adert owner, company A), and you have published an article on beauty enhancement via hubpages. Now, google researched and found out that the only way they can get more and more people (potential buyers of company A’s beauty product) to patronize company A by displaying their product advert to global audience, is by displaying these adverts online through various writers write-ups, articles, blogs, websites, etc, so that when people searching for information on beauty topics, stumbles upon these write-ups, and in the process of reading those articles or write-ups, finds company A’s beauty product advert, will probably end up clicking on the advert to either buy the product, etc.

In order word, your ‘’beauty enhancement article’ on hubpages has automatically qualified to display such advert, and google alone cannot handle this, so they now developed a special program called, Google Adsense to enable blog owners, online writers, freelance writers (like you and I), website owners, etc, to be displaying these numerous adverts given to them, on our individual blogs, websites, articles, etc, based on a revenue sharing formula, which in turn depends on how much company A paid google to display their advert when someone clicks on it. What do I mean by ‘pay per click’? This means that google will only charge company A a certain amount of money to display their product advert, only when an online user clicks on company A’s product advert.

So if no one clicks on company A’s product advert, google will get no dime, and hence, the blog owner or website owner on which google used as a platform to display this company A’s product advert, will equally receive no dime, so this is why you must strive to write good articles that would attract more readers, so you will get more customers to patronize company A’s product by clicking on their advert, which in turn gets you, google and the person that owns the site from which you are publishing your articles (e.g. hubpages if you decide to use them as your publishing platform) more cash, and at the end, everyone goes home smiling and feeling fulfilled. I hope I have answered your questions on where will the money I will be earning be coming from?

What Are The Pitfalls & Breakthroughs To Making Money Online As a Writer?

1. It doesn’t come overnight, so don’t expect a fast success, be patient. Usually, most freelance writers start earning say $100+ after like three months, but once started, it keeps growing as you learn more skills and write more articles.

2. Write on profitable and lasting topics. For example, any topic on love, relationship, money, career, finance, academics, etc, are always profitable and they don’t go out of trend so easily, so have this in mind.

3. Make sure what you write is practicable, reliable and carries a vital information.

4. Avoid get-rich-quick mentality, be patient, write, write, research and always ask questions from those who know more.

You Also Need Tools Like These

How Do I Register With Hubpages to Start Publishing My Articles?

If you have made up your mind to start off your online writing career with hubpages, follow the steps below:

1. Click here to sign-up for a free hubpages account today

2. Chose and fill in your username (e.g. cutewriter), email (for correspondence and moderating your comments and for your readers/fans to be interacting with you), chose a password, add your personal profile (make it appealing and professional, you can add your educational qualifications and awards for more benefits and hiring possibilities), upload your image or avatar (you can use your personal picture or anything else you prefer), you location (city and country).

3. Confirm your email by clicking on the link (found in your email inbox or spam box) that will be sent to you after you have clicked the ‘register’ or ‘submit’ button.

4. Once you have done the above things, you can then start to write and publish your beautifully written articles on any topic that interest you. I wouldn’t like to bug you with SEO, keyword research, etc for now, let’s take it one at a time, first, start publishing for now, and soon, you will learn some other tricks that would boost your earnings and income.

5. From time to time, visit the hubpages forum to get help and assistance from successful writers (known as hubbers on hubpages). You can also use the ‘ask a question’ function to ask any question that borders you.

6. After you must have published at least five sound articles, that must have received at least three comments, showing that you are doing the right thing, you can then apply for a google adsense publisher account (if you don’t have one already), but if you do, go ahead to incorporate it with you hubpages.

7. The same goes with Amazon, kontera and Ebay programs.

For now, concentrate on publishing at least ten good exceptional articles, once you have done that, you are on your way to earning good income online as a writer. Good luck for now, and do check back for: how to monetize my hubpages articles, to learn how to start making money from the articles you published on hubpages.


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