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Easy Ways To Make Legitimate Money Online

Updated on March 26, 2017

Myths and Rumors about making money online

When people research how to make money online, often they are brought to less than legitimate sites, claiming to pay between $25-$100 dollars per survey. These sites are nothing but information grabbers so that they can sell your email, phone number, and anything else you enter in. To Telemarketers and email scammers. Ever wondered how your spam folder is always full? This is exactly how, you enter your information and it is turned around and sold.

These methods are NOT get rich quick schemes

All of these methods require actual work, much like your day time job, and must be taken seriously. These methods are not for boosting your income by double, but merely to make a few extra dollars a day on the side, which will definitely add up over time.

You need to invest a decent junk of time in order to see a decent return

Like any job, the more you work, the more money you'll make. Some of these method payouts are directly effected by the amount of time and energy you invest into them. For example if you choose to write with Hubpages, the more articles you write, the more money you will see.


How does getting payed 30 dollars an hour to test and review websites and apps? Pretty good right. Usertesting is a platform based around everyday people like you and I who test out websites, and apps for new company's. Each test is 20 minutes long and requires you to give feed back aloud while you try and preform the tasks asked of you. Each 20 minute test pays $10 dollars, although I have come across a few that have taken less than 5 minutes and still pay the full 10 dollars. This website will not make you rich, due to the fact that you will not always qualify for the testing they need, and you will take a short 30 second survey to see if you qualify. I usually leave the website open while I do other forms of work online. The most money i have made off this website in a month was right around $200 dollars. They pay Via Paypal exactly one week by the minute from when you complete a test.


Swagbucks is arguably the most well known search engine site that pays you in the form of swag-bucks. These can be used to redeem gift cards for various company's such as Amazon or PayPal. This site rewards you for doing such tasks as surfing the web, taking surveys, playing games, as well as watching videos. While you wont become rich off doing said tasks, you could make a few extra dollars an hour if you really devoted your time, and most of the tasks are pretty mindless so you could do them while you watch your T.V every night, or while you are drinking a beer. If you install their search engine, and just passively use you to complete your daily internet results, you'll see about 5 dollars a month. Which is pretty great considering you aren't doing anything other than using Swagbucks search engine in place of Google Chrome or Fire Fox.


If you are reading this article, its quite likely you are on hubpages, a place where authors can publish well written articles to start earning passive income on the side. I personally have been writing with hubpages for a few weeks now. I'm just now dipping into the water of possibility on this site and will likely be writing one article per day until I find I am satisfied with the amount of money I make. Find a topic you are highly knowledgeable in and start writing! Make sure you are providing an in-depth hub, and not just trying to generate revenue. These articles can also include affiliate linking, which you can also make a decent bit of money off of, especially if you have a understand of keyword search.

Mechanical Turk

Amazons mechanical Turk, in short, is a Crowd-sourcing marketplace, where people and businesses (requester's) to use human intelligence to complete small tasks (hits) that computer A.I just can't do at the moment. For example, you could be payed 5 cents to click the picture of the dog, which might not seem like a lot until you realize you can do 250 an hour which adds up to $12.50. You could make $12.50 an hour basically clicking pictures while you watch T.V, its that simple. It is a recognized as a legitimate source of income, and you need to verify you are 18 years of age. It is part of Amazon web services.

Micro Workers

Micro workers, is a spin off of Amazons Mechanical Turk, i personally use Micro workers, and have made 20 dollars with about a total of an hours work. While you will defiantly not make a living off this website, you could easily make $1-$2 a day, which over a year will defiantly add up. The top users on this site have made over $10,000 dollars to date. They also do not require proof of age, all they require is an address when you cash out, so they can send you a pin number to enter in the website to prove you only have one account active. What are you waiting for! You have nothing to lose

Start your own Blog

This item on the list, has the potential to earn you a full time living, but is also arguably the hardest one to be able to pull off. As well as around a $100 upfront investment. In short, starting your own blog means writing your own content and publishing it to your site. This content can contain however many affiliate links you want. If you understand keyword searches, how to use word press, and how to email market, a personal blog could be right for you. Find a niche and write reviews about products that will help whatever "problem" you are trying to solve. Remember to stick to writing about the three most popular topics in our culture, Health, Relationships, and Fitness.

Write an E-book

Another potential for earning a full time living if you know what you are doing, is E-books. Especially if you are highly knowledgeable on a topic, you could written endless e-books and publish them on Amazon. Sit back and watch the passive income flow. You can make as much as $100 dollars off a 16 page e-book. With so many publishing platforms, all you have to worry about now is writing the actual thing. Find a niche and write about it, or write about a passion of yours. Whatever will keep you interested and writing.

Offer Gigs On Fiverr

Fiverr, in short, is a great way to start freelancing. You can offer a task or service you can provide, for the flat payment of $5 dollars. Which might not seem like much, but then there are the advanced options of higher quality work, or completing the project within a day. With these options you could be looking at a $20 dollar payment for a simple service you can provide. While again that might not seem like a lot, if you are getting requests for 4 or 5 of these a day. You could be looking at over $50 dollars extra a day. Depending on how long your task takes to complete. I have read a few success story's of people who are making a full time living off Fiverr and a couple of them even earning into the 6 figures. While this is unlikely who knows, it doesn't hurt to give it a try. Find your niche and post it.


While again I find myself restating that these methods most likely will not earn you a full time living, a few extra dollars here and there defiantly helps. I hope you found some of these tips helpful, and if none of them quite suit you, perhaps look into getting a second part time job for some extra money. I find myself using a combination of almost everything on this list, and It has been a decent help.


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