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Ebay Caution: Buying from China!

Updated on November 29, 2009

Think Before Buying From China

I have nothing against China, in a matter of fact, I have a fraction of Chinese blood in my gene, but think before you order something through China (or anything outside of your own country) on eBay. I have several horror stories of my own as well as those from friends who purchased things through ebay.

A friend of mine told me his step-father bought electronics of some sort in through China on eBay, and when he opened the product, it was broken and in pieces. We all know that China is pretty much the king of electronics, next to Japan, but don't forget that we are buying from individual sellers, not the manufacture sellers. Sometimes there is no guarantees on your order(s).

Another time, my mother wanted an LG Shine for less, so I went on eBay and find a reasonable price for her. It took at least a month for it was delievered to our home, rather than the guarantee two weeks. The phone had so many glitches that she had a really hard time using it. Often the phone would shut down or die on her while she's taking a call. It was also too late for us to complain as we had to file a complaint within 45 or 60 days.

My worst eBay experience comes from a Chinese user. I like to order crystal, cubic zarconium, etc beads through eBay, and China have them in bulk for cheaper than most countries. I had ordered products from this user once or twice before (1), so I thought I could trust them, and I ordered two (2) (3) more times with a couple of bulk beads and bracelets supplies. The third transaction was sent about a month from which I ordered. The second one never came, this was in late August or early September. I didn't think much of the file complaint on the user within 45 days all that much. I thought, 'hey, they're shipping from China, I'll give them another week or so," but that was a bad idea. I tried contacting the seller before that, but never got an answer.

I kept watching the mail for the second package. I finally got to a point where I wasn't willing to wait, and it was too late for me to file a complaint and get my money back. So I tried to contact them again, this time they replied asking for my transaction number, I gave them, hoping to get another reply, but it never came.

Don't Wait To File A Complaint!

I was foolish to wait and file a complaint. I thought I could trust the seller, I told myself to give them another week before filing a complaint after a month and a couple of days. But I was caught up with work and college that it swept past my mind. Shipments from China often take up to a month for delivery, if they ship your order out ASAP, then perhaps less than that. I have shipped gifts to friends from the States to England and it it took no more than two weeks. If what you order doesn't get deliver within a month or within the time frame of what the seller promise, then file a complaint as soon as possible! Don't wait, I lost at least $40US because of it.

Any Recommendation?

I'm a broke art college student, if there is some way for me to get that $40 I lost back, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations and feed backs. Thanks!


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    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      When I purchase through Ebay, I always checked that tiny box that says "U.S." Unfortunately, Chinese sellers still manage to sneak past. I always hate when I think I'm getting a deal, then the seller sends me a tracking number from China Express. I avoid China for the very reasons you've mentioned, but it does no use. I don't know how they can pose as US sellers.

    • Worland's Archive profile image

      Worland's Archive 8 years ago from Allentown, Pa

      Good sound advice here. There are a few items I've bought through Ebay that were sent from china. They got here in a timely manner but there were not as pictured or described. One was a Final Fantasy 8 Zippo bread lighter with it's logo etched into the lighter and The Lionheart symbol actually raised on the front. Looked badass on the picture and description. When I got it, it was zippo style not a REAL zippo, had a flimsy hinge, and the Lionheart insignia was hot glued to the case... meaning if you used the lighter too often it melted the glue and fell off >.> All in all I still have it as a display but you have to be careful with what you buy and make sure to complain if item is not as pictured or described. Don't assume anything!