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Ebay? Did banning digital products make them Bad?

Updated on March 27, 2008

First Ebay is Bad "Emails" this Week

I got a bunch of emails starting the week off that resounded alot towards this. I kinda made it short and sweet and took out hype of most Internet Marketing emails :)

I was suprised. A friend of mine told

me that eBay is Cracking down on digital product

auctions. Since I couldnt believe what he was saying, I had to read the details on ebay's site. SO what did I find.

This is Insane!

By March 31'st, you are NO LONGER able to sell

digital products on auctions, but only on the

classified ads.

To find out what to do Go here

This is VERY important, if you still want to survive


Not being a Major ebayer I kind of passed by these emails.

Then Ebay sent me this email today which made me decide i needed to tell my list some stuff. Then i decided i needed to share it somewhere everyone could see.I felt ebay deserved this much.

My Email to My list.

%%FNAMEFriend%% ,

I know ebay became bad guys when they stopped the digital products sales thing today (well announced it), but from first hand experience i can see why they need to.

I am not selling anything today, Please read this Letter it is very important to us all.




Short story to explain....

I bought a product off ebay a few months back for like 80 bucks, I know 80 bucks is not anything, but i never got anything for that 80 bucks. So I go browsing through the guys reputation and comments and I notice something. This guy had like a 573 score Thats a fairly decent score with An approval rating of like 98% good ebayer right?

No he was a scam artist, I started looking through his sales where he got good remarks and every good remark was a digital product sold for 1 cent of course he got a positive on that considering some were stuff he did not even have rights to sell on ebay. But the 25 negatives he had were all same as me physical products never delivered, no response nothing. Pure scam. So this is one reason I can understand their need for it, however I am not condoning nor degrading their business decision as it is their business, they run it their way I run mine my way.

I do not sell on ebay as a lot of my products don't have the right to be sold on Ebay or other Auction Sites (TIP HERE, make sure you understand your rights). So this did not affect me except i wont be able to go buy those one cent great products anymore. :)

But in an act that ebay has initiated they have Shown me they are out for all of us not just themselves. Some of you may have gotten this email from them, some may not have. But the key to me Writing this letter is the fact that this is something that we all as online business people need to be aware of and work diligently to keep the Net as it is and was originally written. Now this is mainly for US citizens so anyone else just read to understand that one decision they made doesn't necessarily make them evil :).


Make Your Voice Heard Today

Tell Congress: Keep Tax Collectors off the Net

Members of Congress are considering sales tax legislation that could change the way you shop on the Internet and through catalogs.

Luckily, creating a new sales tax collection system for Internet and catalog shopping requires Congressional approval. That means YOU have a say in how new tax systems apply to Internet commerce before sweeping changes are made.

The current federal rules on sales tax collection for Internet and catalog sales are pretty simple: if you buy something from a business operating in your state, the business is required to collect the sales tax and send it to the state revenue office.

The Supreme Court created an exception for most small Internet and catalog sellers because it would be very difficult for them to collect for 15,000 tax jurisdictions in the 45 states with sales taxes. This problem is less daunting to large retailers.

A number of state governments and big retailers want to change federal law to impose sales tax burdens on all Internet sellers, regardless of size. Many small business sellers believe a new tax collection system would drive up costs, be very difficult to comply with, and could reduce Internet business opportunities and affect consumer prices.

eBay has helped hundreds of thousands of small business entrepreneurs use the Internet to reach buyers across America and around the world. We oppose adding a new tax burden for those sellers.

Think creating a new sales tax collection system for Internet commerce is a bad idea? Make your voice heard today!


eBay Government Relations





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    • seohowto profile image


      10 years ago from Bay Area, CA

      Ebay is a good place to SELL, not to BUY. The original idea was to set up a safe place for people for honest trading and hunting for bargains. In reality, Ebay today is a place #1 for best known brands counterfits and scammers. I myself lost $269 and that was a very good lesson for me. Ebay doesn't care in case you report that you received counterfit or don't receive anything at all. They suggest you to resove all issues through PayPal and to make long story short - in worst case scenario they close the sellers' ebay account and freeze his/her paypal account, but you never get your money back. In good case scenario you will spend some time with PayPal dispute department and get your money back. But be careful, do NOT close your dispute until you are abosuletely sure that you are done. PayPal won't give you a chance to add some comments or to re-open this case again, even if you have proves that a seller was selling fakes or didn't send you anything.


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