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Ebay Dropshipping : Chinese Dropshippers Guide Sell Cheap Products

Updated on October 19, 2012

 If you're looking to make money online one of the simplest ways to do this is via ebay. if you've been on ebay for a while and want to take to the next step and have your own business one way you can do this is by dropshipping. Now there hundreds if not thousands of reputable dropshippers out there, finding them can be tough and time consuming trust me I know. Now depending on what country you live in will depend on how many dropshippers operate in your country here in the UK we have quite a few as with the US. Europe does have dropshippers but many do not distribute internationally and this can be a problem even with UK and US dropshippers. Now to increase your selling potential on Ebay you have to sell internationally and this why Chinese dropshippers become very attractive not just because their items are cheap but they will distribute anywhere in the world. Here we're going to look at what you should be looking for with a Chinese dropshippers the pro's and con's of using them. If you're new to dropshipping in general a lot of this guide you can use with any dropshippers, it will prevent you from a whole lot of hassle.

Now with Chinese Dropshippers their prices are unbelievably attractive and this is why so many people use them but it is also why a lot of people get stuck whilst using them as they have only looked at their prices and not viewed the whole picture of the ebay buying process. Here Im going to give you a massive tip that will save you falling at the first hurdle this alone will help you decide whether any dropshipper is right for you.

Place An Order!

 As you know with dropshipping you don't have to buy a product untill you have made a sale. This means all you need to start selling a dropshippers product on ebay is copy the product picture copy product description (not advised add some of your own unique content ) and list it on ebay. Many people do this without doing any other checks of the dropshipper! This is ridiculous. When using a dropshipper place an order with them or pretend your going to make a purchase with them. This will highlight any floors instantly. Now as I say you don't actually have to place an actuall order but go through their order process. If their order process is extremely difficult to use is this going to beneficial to use if you start making hundreds of orders? What will also be highlighte is their postage and packaging prices! Something that isn't always shown on their product sales page. Also a lot of chinese dropshippers have a minimum order this is no good if you have sold 1 item on ebay. Now you can also actually purchase somethin and get it sent to you. You can then see their how discrete their packaing is how long it took to get their and see if you actually got the correct Item.So just by going through an order process so many things can be highlighted before you start using them


 Chinese product prices are ridiculously low which is great for us resellers. Then you have the postage this is when your amazing new dropshipper can become a bit rough. Postage is expectedly expensive as many of the items will be sent on the other side of the world. Now there are many Chinese dropshippers that have great product prices and postage prices you just have to find them. See if they use tracked postage a must really for ebay. The other aspect you need to look at is that your products are going to be sent from across the world with one or two stop offs on the way. This increases the chances of an item not turnin up not the dropshippers fault but something you have to take into account when using them. Look for tracked postage.

Don't Dropship

Sometimes its actually better if you buy in bulk although there are dropshippers many Chinese Dropshippers who will give you better discounts if you buy from them in bulk. Some uk and US dropshippers don't offer this so this is why Chinese dropshippers are so good. So something to take into account when building your ebay business. If you have a product that seems to sell on a consistant basis then it might be worth buying in bulk and making better profits. Chinese dropshippers are really known for their electronics and some unbelievable products for little money and for even less money when bouhght in the hundreds. Many Dropshippers in your country may be using a chinese supplier to run their own dropshipping business I've used some that do this - Buy in the thousands from a chinese supplier to themselves and then offer to dropship the items in their country maybe this maybe a good business module for yourself if your country has very limited dropshippers.

Customs fees

 When buying from a chinese dropshipper your items can be subject to a import tax when it is delivered. As you know, the item is going to be sent straight to your customers door so they can be hit with this, which isn't great for your ebay feedback. Not every single item gets hit with this and theres guidelines as what will incur import tax but you need to be prepared for it happens. I've bought many items form chinese suppliers which have been under £10 and have not been charged with import duties. Now you can just use Chinese Suppliers and when or if an item incurs a import fee then refund it to your customer and take a loss on that product or look into the regulations so you can find the right products for you that won't incur them.

Genuine Real Authentic Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts - Yeh Right!

All designer products that are dropshipped by Chinese Wholesalers or dropshippers are fakes absolutely no exceptions. I strongly advise you not to go down this road, selling "designer" clothing on ebay. It doesn't matter if you are selling them for a ridiculously low price they are fakes and ebay will slap you if you sell them. Not only that they're are poor quality which will be apparent to your customer. Its very attractive to sell designer clothing, myself included being very drawn to it. If you do want to sell designer items then read my hub below which is about a uk based dropshipper that dropships genuine designer items.

Immitation Items

 You may have already noticed mp3 players that are being sold that strongly resemble Apple Ipod Products. Even though they are not being sold to you as "Genuine" Ipods by your dropshipper this doesn't mean you can still sell them. Apple are coming down hard on people on ebay that sell these. If they see anyone who sells these immitation mp3s they will report your listings and have them taken off. So if you've found a product that you think has been deliberately been made to resemble a brand product keep clear from it. The MP3 market is massive and you can make a ton of money selling just them some of the items that are produced in chinese are mind blowing so look for something thats different and you will still make money.

Chinese Dropshippers Are Profitable

Now I know this hub has been a little negative on chinese dropshippers but these are what you need to think about when using them and a lot of people don't think that far in to it and only find out the pitfalls once they've actually had to deal with them rather than preventing them.

You can make a lot of money using Chinese dropshippers, their prices can't be beaten. Another benefit is that many Chinese dropshippers have thousands and thousands of products and some amazing products that you may never have seen before all this under 1 dropshipper. You can create your very own niche to sell in on ebay due to the variety of whats on offer gadgets is big business on ebay and is a niche that sells all year round. Take a look at some chinese dropshippers follow my steps and see if you can take a piece of the ebay pie using them.

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