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Ebay Marketing : Let Your Ebay Items Make You More Profit And Sales

Updated on February 11, 2012

 If you are running a ebay business then you are more than likely looking to make money profit and sales. I have gone over many tactics in my ebay hub which I have linked at the bottom of this page, as to how you can increase your ebay,traffic,sales and profit. Ebay is a excellent tool to make money. Ebay is a lot bigger than you think, I mean in the sense of why it is the biggest online autcion site in the world. It is no acciednt that Ebay is number 1. Ebay endlessly try to improve the site for sellers and buyers although if your a seller it doesn't seem that way but if you had a look at what Ebay offers you the fees they charge are they really all that bad? I don't think so. If you was to build you very first website and sell your products through that how long do you think it would take before anyone even finds your site? Ebay offers buyers to your store instantly. You need to learn marketing tips to get those extra sales and dominate your niche even more.

 There hundreds of little thins on Ebay that go hand in hand to make more sales, like when someone looks at your listing they can see how many have already have been sold if this in the hundreds then that helps you sell that product, yes just that one little feature helps buyers choose to buy from you. Obviously you have to build this up and takes time this is why you need to learn marketing techniques to increase your sales. If you increase your traffic you will naturally increase your sales. If 10 people visited your listing the maximum you could sell is 10 items but buyers that actually buy is only a percentage of your number of visitors. If you was to increase to 100 you are inevitably going to increase sales just by getting more eyes to your listings. So Howcan you do this? Well on ebay there are hundreds of ways you can do this but here is a very simple one.

If you are selling on ebay you should be a specific niche, not a broad niche a specific one, lets say you sell mp3 players from china ( do not sell the ipod copies ) via a dropshipper and your margin is $1-$5 profit. These do sell but nowhere near what they would if they had the word ipod on them, so your sales are over shadwoed by the big guns. You should have an ebay shop to make this work better. So your shop consists of mp3 players of various descriptions and your making sales across all your products but your finding it hard to make masses of sales becasue there are a lot of other people selling exactley the same product as you. What you can do to make more sales than them?

Use the biggest selling product in your niche to pull people in! Go out and buy a genuine Apple Ipod and sell it on ebay this will pull in lots of traffic just becasue of the brand name. So this product is doing the work for you by using the brand name's power. This is called a loss leader because this listing isn't to make you a profit on this listing it is designed to make you a profit on your other listings. This listing must be a penny auction and listed for 10 days and finishing at 8pm or later and on a monday or tuesday. By listing the iPod at a penny will attract 100's of people instantly and watchers and as it will be on for 10days it will be doing this for 10days pulling in traffic. This is getting eyes in to your ebay shop. People are impatient so as they know that the item won't be finishing for some days they will watch the item,place a bid, or they'll see what else you've got! This is why this works so well as you are getting targeted visitors ( people typing in iPod/ Mp3 Player in ebay search ) and as this is an Ipod and starting at a penny it will be at the very top of the ebay listings on the first page regardless of anythnig else.

You can do this in any niche you know what is the top selling product in your niche so use it to make you more money. Find other products preferably brand named product to use to pull people in to your store. If you bought 3 desireble item and auction them off for 10 days each you'll be pulling in traffic all month long. You can obviously scales this up and use many products but make sure they're different or you will dilute the desireblity of the penny auction. These items are not to make you money themselves they are to get people to buy your other items in your store with buy now options.

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