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Ecommerce Everywhere : What fueled this transition

Updated on May 27, 2015

Ecommerce Everywhere : What fueled this transition

But what is the trend today?

According to statistics done by a leading website the number of online shoppers across the world will touch 1.2 Billion by the end of 2015.

Growth Of Internet : In the world there there are 2 billion internet users and 1.75 billion users use internet from their smart phones. The access to internet has spurred the growth of ecommerce usage.

Cost Effective: The prime reason for consumers opting for ecommerce is that the products in ecommerce marketplace are more cheap compared to the ones found in brick and Mortar.

Time saving : It takes few minutes to complete a payment transaction compared to those long queues at brick and mortar.

Diverse Choices : Customers find it very easy to find products pertaining to their choices withing a quick time period compared to a Brick and Mortar.

Revenue Generation Platform : If your ecommerce marketplace becomes popular then there is a windfall revenue. As of 2014 the revenue generated by ecommerce giant is $ 89 Billion.


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