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Economy of Addiction

Updated on February 5, 2015

Our addictive behaviors are result of stimulating our pleasure areas in her brain; which is not surprising to anyone for that matter. The section of the brain that triggers the sensation that provides us with the pleasing titillation is called nucleus assumers; which is basically a neurons that encircles the brain. The other section in the brain that provides us with the gleaming pleasure is called prefrontal cortex, that is located, as the terminology indicates, on the very front of the brain. These brain membranes reinforces our desire and insatiable needs to stimulate the functionality of providing us the meaning and purpose of having our lives enriched with pleasures that give us some form of purpose. The pleasure of sex, recreational drugs, prescription medications, exercises and etc. are some of the means to promote the excitement in our brain to offer us the sense of meaning in our daily residual lives.

It is well founded that giving ourselves too much to any particular reinforcing activities would cause us to become utterly dependent on the chemical substances or on the physiological nourishments to fuel our desire to invigorate the incessant need to suffice what seemed to lack in satisfaction. We all have known, or at least through 2nd or 3rd degree of separation who have been addicted to alcohol, illegal drugs, or pornography. The devastation of a person who has hardly no control of his or her addictive behavior brings much havoc to that person who is going through the addiction and to those who’s lives are dependent upon them; either financially or emotionally. Many times, for those who are going through theses troubling addictions, they themselves become appalled by their own behaviors. I have personally known those who were in the middle of their own addictions and were extremely surprised that they were having so much difficulty to reduce the effect of the activities they were engaging. Literally, their meaning and the purpose in their lives have become defined by how much their particular pleasure points were stimulating their very essence of livabilities.

The drugs, sex or food are not the only means to triggered the parts of pleasure points in our brain, but also the cognitive stimulation also could become addictive; cross word puzzles, reading, playing video games or even surfing the net. These brain optimizing process are channel through visual signalizations. These cognitive stimulations are transfused into the brain neurons by enforcing them to come alertly alive and making them actively reinvigorating. This activation, causes the human to experience a high, that actually become more substantiated with the continual practices, so much so that it’s desire for the stimulation will rely more on the incessant actions to fuel the brain’s neuron incitement, just as drugs and alcohol does.

Why am I mentioning this when the information seemed to be so elementary in conception? Because our economy is pretty much dependent on human addiction to engage in these activities. Video games to even watching a show on the electronic device requires human insatiable desire to constantly fuel our need to satisfy our brain pleasure point. The suppliers of these resources, are knowingly and unknowingly, making us to become dependent on these products to increase their own financial nests. Without our desire to stimulate our need to appease our brain pleasure points, the capitalism could not function effectively. Unfortunately, we who live in America are so much intertwined by the basic component of capitalism that we have become washed in our dependencies on our insatiable need to satisfy our one of the most sensitive areas of our brain that we are pretty much enslaved by our pleasures.


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