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Edwards W Demings 14 Management Principles | Points in Quality Management Explained in Simple Words

Updated on June 21, 2011
Bring In Deming Philosophy - Power Your Ideas!
Bring In Deming Philosophy - Power Your Ideas!

Origin Edward Deming and 14 points of quality management

Dr. W. Edward Deming is regarded as the initiator of quality revolution in Japan. His findings are statistical and give powerful insights of excellent quality management; in his book “Out of the crisis” we can observe the Deming 14 points on quality management.

Soon after the world wars he supported the Japanese government to take a census of their population. Later he delivered classes and seminars for Japanese engineers and revealed some methods to produce high quality products with less effort. This helped Japan to take over the world market within a few years and still they succeed with the best quality products.

The Deming 14 points for quality management sounds very converse to the conventional principles of management , however when we shift from quantity to quality we need to make some drastic yet creative changes in production, operation , administration and marketing. The 14 points of Deming are explained below. It’s particularly useful with any enterprise concerned with production and distribution of goods. The points explain principles anyone can follow and implement even among large number of employees.

Quality Management - Get the Synergy In Your Business
Quality Management - Get the Synergy In Your Business

These are the Deming 14 points on quality management. Many of us might have depended on conventional insights and common-sense principles so far in their management scheme; we might have never though about such powerful out – of the box ideas. But these 14 points on quality managements are not just simple ideas put forward by someone. Deming derived these ideas from his deep statistical studies and calculation, they are just stated in simple words so that anyone could understand follow these principles to sky-rocket their quality growth management!

Deming 14 Principles of Quality Management

1.       Create constancy of purpose toward improvement of product and service: Inspire the workers to stay competitive in the market and remind about the importance of stability in jobs and new opportunities which may come up in later stages. Inducing such a sense of purpose in producing quality products will work as the inspiration to work efficiently without prosy attitude.

2.       Adopt the new philosophy: The customer demands and taste change very fast and the competition in the market grow at a rapid rate today. As it is said “philosophy of one century is the commonsense of next”, we have to accept new philosophies according to the market trends and technology revolutions.

3.       Cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality: Instead of inspecting the product for quality after production, infuse quality at the beginning itself. This will ensure that none of the raw materials are wasted for the sake of quality.

4.       End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag: Instead, minimize total cost. We often spend lots of time and money to find better suppliers and shift rapidly between them for slight monetary gains. Move towards a single supplier for any item, on trust.

5.       Improve constantly and forever the system and of production and service: There in no stopping point in the process of quality management. The enterprise systems and services must keep growing indefinitely in order to catch up with the competitive market. Shifting to new technology y evolved services also ultimately reduce cost.

6.       Institute training on the job: A trained worker has more productivity and quality than an untrained one, so giving training sessions will drastically improve the quality of the person and directly it helps in better performance with regard to product quality also.

7.       Institute leadership: Good leaders have always performed wonders everywhere the growth a company can display stunning growth if potential leaders are identified and encouraged and also by promoting the leadership quality of other normal workers.

8.       Drive out fear: Some managers think that creating a fearful impression in the employees would give more quality and productivity to work. But actually just the converse happens; if a person is not working willingly with satisfaction then he can never do a work perfectly even if he has the intention to be perfect in conscious mind. Thus driving out fever is essential as everyone will start working effectively for the company.

9.        Break down barriers between departments: Today most of the companies split themselves to several departments so that work would finish faster upon splitting up and distributing to several departments. In par with the above method it is important to remember that two departments are not two different countries where people don’t know each other. The workers in design, sales, and production must work together to face problems and resolve them. This takes the company to better management in quality and also other profit with better planning.

10.   Eliminate slogans, exhortations, and targets for the work force: This is also an opposite idea for conventional practices, when slogans or exhortations are introduced they call for more quantity in production than focusing on quality of the product. This will severely damage the quality management process. They employees should have a calm and quite, quality atmosphere in the company.

11.   Eliminate work standards (quotas) on the factory floor:Management by Objectives (MBO)’ is a very important terminology in principles of management, this technique direct to set up a list of objectives which have to be achieved within the specified time. This was taught to be a very effective technique. But Deming’s 14 points in quality management completely condemns this method as this again focus on quantity rather than quality of product.

12.   Remove barriers to pride of workmanship: responsibility of supervisor must be changed from numbers to quality. Fixing points for employees and again ranking them inside the company would infuse more completion within the organization which is very unhealthy for the quality. Abolish annual or merit rating and MBO completely.

13.   Institute a vigorous program of education and self-improvement: A person have to grow even after he get’s into the company, letting him learn new technology and techniques will make him prefer to stay in the company for a longer time whereas a person would always think about quitting his job if he have no opportunity to grow out or give his own inputs.

14.   Every one must undergo transformation continuously and indefinitely: just like products and services. Put everybody in the company to work to accomplish the transformation. The transformation is everyone’s job.

The Deming Cycle Can Roll UP thru Quality Slope!
The Deming Cycle Can Roll UP thru Quality Slope!
The Deming Cycle is A Framework To Implement The 14 quality point
The Deming Cycle is A Framework To Implement The 14 quality point

Edward Deming’s PDCA cycle To Implement the 14 Points for Quality in Actuality

Deming has stated “Continuous improvement is a never ending cycle of events”. Precisely! We cannot achieve complete perfection in quality ever. It’s a journey, not a destination. But, he defines this cycle of events very systematically, following this frame work for the 14 points explained above and channelizing your attention into executing each of those quality management principles would yield outstanding results. Deming finally suggests the (PDCA-cycle) for ensuring that this quality is incorporated into every task that an organization carries out. The PDCA cycle is as shown

P – Plan, the policy by substituting the variables with the values in your own unique environment

D – Do, the actual implementation of those policies. Design brochures, advertise it, take pride to be a part of it

C – Check , the improvement periodically. This is the mathematical result of your ‘non-mathematical-social-thinking’, be astounded at the implicit improvements you get even if you haven’t done anything to improve those sides. Conduct regular auditing, diagnosis of reporting etc.

A – Action, with the new reports. Just like you shape a pot from the clay, see the improvements you have achieved through the policies. Get insights from those observations on what changes you’ve got from the things you’ve implemented and repeat the success or repeat the cycle! This cycle, undoubtedly concur with the Deming’s 14 points of total quality management and assures evident results once implemented!

Did you find the deming quality management tips useful?

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    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      6 years ago from San Diego California

      Very enlightened study. My evaluation of the United States Postal Service reveals an organization that does not use most of the techniques desribed here, but would certainly benefit from them.

    • Johnnyd44 profile image


      7 years ago from Florida


      Thank you for bringing back Deming's work! I firmly believe that if we revisit his work and philosophy on a regular basis, US businesses would be in much better shape than they are today. Not only was his principles priceless, but his staunch defense of good ethics in business is so needed today.

      Thank you. I am looking forward to reading more of your work.


    • profile image

      walt wisteria 

      7 years ago

      I've worked in the product development part of our business for nearly 22years, Skill sets are very important and necessary as the importation of latest materials,methodological processes control,to equalization of a sustainable environmental ecosystem.

      Some large to big to fail (I'm in one) Corporations loose sight of the very purpose of their existence.We're here today because of our ancestors, the corporate charter is to perpetuate itself far beyond our own short mortality, to be a remembered, respected ancestor of the unknown born's future takes Quality Today Everyday.

    • profile image

      Jose-Luis Ruiz 

      8 years ago

      I regret the American management didn't listen to Dr. Deming and some other few evangelists of the quality strategy. It is absurd that the best monument to Dr Deming is Toyota and not GM.

      American people is well deep in their comfort zone to take care of the 14 points.

      Unfortunately, we are having the same problem in Mexico. Managers move and remove everything to make things change, but they are not willing to change themselves. They do not compromise all the way. Philip Crosby knew that and always complained about it.

      I would like to know the way to wake up our industry leaders.


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