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How to be An Effective Leader Even When You Have Disabilities?

Updated on June 11, 2018

Humanities are living creatures with an indefinite purpose. Living to emptiness is such a fool that can possibly lead you to nothingness. How can you find yourself without considering your power to hold on?

We, as a human, are created with a vanishing fear and extreme power to mobilize and move on. With conjunction to that, humans are just merely fix partners of society having a variety of functions and purposes. In general insights, our senses are very important because without it, people cannot be able to enjoy their lives and we can say it is useless.

Furthermore, “our senses are only the sources of knowledge” a powerful phrase stated by an English man, John Lock. Moreover, have you ever ask yourself if you can do a thing even you are senseless? Perhaps, some of you just did or maybe no one. To make it clear, there’s a simple question that interrogate into your sparkling mind. “How can you contribute to our society without using or without the presence of your five senses?

Soldier | Source

The question seems like an alien, a monster or a nightmare to you.

Once you heard this question, you might say “oh” what a fool question, or perhaps you might ask “are you serious?! It is just a waste of time! It is so funny to witness people whom their lovely faces turned into irritating face and starting to ague everytime you open the matter. It is just like; you are taking a long dark road full of arrows pointing into different directions.

Truly, it’s so confusing and awkward.

Get over it people, why don’t you try to find out the reason behind that question! There’s nothing wrong to try new things that seem something extraordinary or out of this world. Ironically, perhaps you must say “we cannot serve, do anything or contribute to our society without the aid of our senses, because it is only the instrument to capture the so called stimulus, the reason why we act that way.

Who might be that senseless superhuman that can do a thing that surely loses power? How can you do your task if you can’t feel, see, smell, taste and hear anything? The sense of awareness will be lost because you can’t acquire anything due to numbness. By asking others? By writing? But there’s a sense involved there! The sense of touch, do the right things? Obviously, senses are needed. Analyzing those ideas will lead us to conclusion that no one can answer the question and how will it be. It is not the matter of fictitious making of us, it is about seeking a factual sequel regarding to that matter.

Do you think people with disorder can lead?

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So how?

So how, very simple “use your mind”

Moreover our mind is not a sense, we all know that even though our senses comes first and follow into our mind wherein processes are undergone, but if our mind is dead, our senses are useless, our senses is useless.

Our mind is the controller of our senses.

Naturally, by thinking of what our world or society can be, and what and how would it be. From the God words of wisdom, let’s compare it to this question “How can you describe your favorite color to a blind person since birth?” the sounds seems so nerve-wrecking. We all know that it is so hard to explain your favorite color to a blind person. Whatever you do, you still have to explain or emphasize it because subconsciously it is from our voice within.

The same to that question, we all know that it’s really hard to live in this world with disability, being senseless.

You don’t have the power to touch the softness and feel the real happiness, to see beautiful and colossal world, to smell the aroma of completeness, to taste the sweetness of beverages and to hear the melodious voice of an angel. The point is, you can contribute through inspiring others even though you are almost numb, even you are senseless, even you suffer so much, you are still surviving, ling and fighting for your life. Thus, senseless people survive despite of all their difficulties and suffering, so how about you? The complete package of granted is in yours.

Are you not willing to take these odds?

Leadership | Source
Five Senses
What if we don't have this?
Sense of sight
x (Blind)
Sense of touch
x (Apathy)
Sense of smell
x (Anosmia)
Sense of taste
Sense of hearing

People are just men of his survival.

The true essence of this is you can do a thing even in a simple way. Being senseless is not a burden and it can give inspiration to others. This becomes a burden because you keep on arguing without doing and it creates a great hesitation. And that hesitation is only within our fears and is kept inside the bottle.

Probably, still a state of shock that you experience because of having topsy-turvy ideas, life in this world was just a game that has an indefinite level that you must fight and must go beyond your limitations. Get over it people, we must admit that we are subconsciously dependent. It there’s nothing, we are nothing. That’s a connotation that everyone always say. Always remember, there’s so many ways in just one difficulty, so, are you willing to make changes?


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Dano, maybe so, but that isn't exactly what I'm sanyig. What I'm sanyig is that this sort of thing doesn't even make sense in its own terms. GDP is a valid short-term measure of the well-being of a specific society under non-volatile circumstances. On time scales of a century it tells us essentially nothing about how well-off we are. This is because it measures marginal activity and doesn't measure informal capital. Things like, say, having a biosphere or an atmosphere. These may be neglected in short-term reasoning, but neglecting them in long-term reasoning is a very stupid, worse than useless, measure of utility.There are no technical limitations preventing ourselves from having not just comparable utility but dramatically more utility in a sustainable world. The fact that we seem to be rushing headlong for a totally avoidable disaster is bad enough. That we're doing it in service to what amounts to a poorly thought out model is just so sad and stupid.That doesn't make it implausible. We have a precedent; the Easter Islanders show us such stupidity is well within the capacity of humans.

    • KenDeanAgudo profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth C Agudo 

      4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Hi Melinda Longoria : Thank you for sharing such an inspirational experience. yes, people with disabilities don't speak and show there weakness instead they show what they can do despite of their lack of other senses. I remember a good saying.


    • KenDeanAgudo profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth C Agudo 

      4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Hello Sheila: Thank you sheila for commenting and sharing your sentiments. yes that is true, lots of people think that people with disability can't lead and be an inspirational. Just like Nick Vujicic, he is a leader and an inspirational to everyone.

    • Melinda Longoria profile image

      Melinda Longoria, MSM 

      4 years ago from Garland, Texas

      I had a leadership graduate profession who was an AMAZING teacher. I had no idea that he had a disability until I met him in person. He rose above the disability and led us without us even knowing about it. In the online classroom format he was very confident in his knowledge and how he presented the class. In person, he was the most humble person you could meet. He will always stick in my mind as a great leader.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      What people fail to realize is that anyone with a disability can make up for a lack of one sense by using all of the others. I think your poll question hits at the heart of what you're telling us and how or why other people disagree. People with one or more disability can be very effective leaders if they choose to do so and the people around them give them chance.


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