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Effective Online Advertising Strategies

Updated on March 3, 2016

There are many ways of adverting your business, product or services online. In this hub I am going to illustrate several ways of advertising online. I will also recommend some sites that I have used in advertising and have worked well for me in the past.

Let me start with web placement advertising, these are sites that get a lot of traffic on a daily basis for a particular niche. These sites offer advertising in form of 'per view', this means that you only pay (normally a few cents) when your Ad has been viewed. The pay per view is also similar to another model called Cost Per Mile (CPM) which you pay when your Ad has been viewed 1000 times. Some sites also use the PPC (Pay Per click)model and other sites have a fixed price model which is nomally per month (I prefer this model), so no matter the amount of traffic the site receives you only pay fixed price per month.

For those who are in the medical profession field, the best sites to advertise are detailed below;

Soacil Media Optimizatiom and Marketing

The second online adverting strategy is using social media. Social medial can be effective in online adverting since it is a platform that is growing rapidly with millions of users. Some of these social media platforms such as PlentyOfFish and Facebook can offer paid listing in form of PPC and CPM models.

But you can also promote your business in many ways by not paying a cent and focus on acquiring potential customers by creating business fan pages on Facebook and business profiles on networks such LinkedIn.

Twitter is a another platform that you can use by sending instant updates and messages (tweets) regarding your products and services to thousands of interested followers. Since social media marketing is not on emphasizing paid listing it requires a lot of effort and can be time consuming to start getting desired results. The list below contains some examples of Social Media which include (Social bookmarking, social networking, video networking, content rating and many more), Bear in mind that this list is not conclusive and those are just examples I have personally worked with.

CPA Model Advertising

Another Model that is very effective in advertising is CPA (Cost Per Acquisition/Action). This is model of online adverting which can be highly effective since you ONLY pay when a lead is generated such as a sale, sign up, download, email-submit etc.

I am currently a publisher at MaxBounty CPA Network and I have realized Advertisers can pay as low as a $1 for a lead. This is a list that I highly recommend if you want to advertise with CPA networks.

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    • DevjeetSingh profile image

      Devjeet Singh 22 months ago from Chandigarh

      I can still find some spelling mistakes. It should be "SoCIAl Media OptimizatioN" not "Soacil Media Optimizatiom"

    • jannthomassen profile image

      jannthomassen 6 years ago from Norway

      A very nice and well written hub, thanks for sharing.

    • speedbird profile image

      speedbird 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks Chuck for your comments, I am happy that you have bookmarked this hub for future reference. This means a lot to me and that you found it to be helpful, good luck in your future online business.

    • Chuck profile image

      Chuck Nugent 6 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      Very good Hub. I don't have any products to sell online at this time but am exploring a couple of ideas and have bookmarked and will refer back to this Hub if/when I decide to go ahead with one or more of them.

    • speedbird profile image

      speedbird 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks for that correction thesailor, I have proofread the article and made necessary changes. I am glad that you also found the information in this article to be useful.

    • thesailor profile image

      thesailor 6 years ago from Seven Seas

      Good hub (but check your spelling, pls). HubPages with its affiliate Google AdSense uses PPC (pay per click) model for advertising.