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Effective Marketing Can Make for a Successful Business

Updated on April 29, 2012

Starting a New Venture

When a person starts up a new venture, one of the aspects of the business that does need a lot of attention and concentration, is the marketing of the product or service being offered. Effective marketing backed up by a quality product or service is one sure way of making a business successful. Marketing allows you to reach the right people who are interested in the product or service on offer. It delivers a message, about what is on offer that can exactly suit the needs of the buyer. Marketing can also act as a call to action to the customer, encouraging him or her to take advantage of what is being offered. Marketing can only be really effective, if it reaches the right niche of people.

Identify Your Customers

This means that one of the first requirements of good marketing is identifying the prospective customers and looking for means of getting across the message to them. For this, it is necessary that the right mediums for the marketing are selected, which have the capabilities of reaching the prospective customer. The message must then also include the right amount of information that can invite the prospective customer to take further action to either contact the business or set in motion a process that brings its representatives to him or her.

Market Research Can help

Any good marketing effort has to include the right amount of research to understand the business, its future prospects and the needs of the customers who will find a need for the product being marketed. The right research enables the business to understand the competition and the techniques in production and sales being used by the successful ones. It enables a business to set up a plan to approach the customers and the market so that it can translate into sales. Such research may also give indications as to preferences of customers, the packaging and quality that they prefer and the pricing that is most likely to attract them. Such research may require the collection of a lot of data through surveys, interviews and approaching potential clients on a one to one basis. The data collected has then to be analyzed, so that it helps to establish the required benchmarks for the product which are likely to attract customers. Attention must be made to any improvements that customers may be interested in , as this allows the product to be redesigned to meet these needs. It can also help a business to decide the particular niche that it can address, especially where resources are limited.

Marketing Methods

Conventional methods of marketing include the use of local advertising, classified, advertising in the print media and advertising through the electronic media. The advancement of technology has led to internet marketing making a very large contribution to methods of selling products. It has proved a very efficient tool for small businesses to approach their customers at a very low cost. It allows such a small business to even expand its business to national and international areas without the necessity of setting up any elaborate marketing organization.


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