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Egg Shaped House in Beijing

Updated on December 12, 2010
egg shaped house in beijing
egg shaped house in beijing

How did he build the egg shaped house?

24 year old Dai is living in Haidian district of Beijing. After graduation just half a year, Dai got an idea from his company’s design assignment and built himself an egg-shaped house. The house is made of bamboo shoots, fastening them with nails. Dai introduced that besides bamboo shoots, his house is made of bamboo mat, heat preservation and rain proof membranes. The outer layer is pieced together by sacks to preserve heat and fermented wooden chips and grass seeds. The lay out in the house is really simple, with 1 meter bed and a few books on the one side and one water tank on the other side. He use the water to wash, about every three days he goes to his company to fetch.

His company is just beside a community, there is a lawn in there, and it shaped like a big egg. With two meter height, sacks outer layer, it is not conspicuous in the people’s eyes. One side of the “egg house” is hollowed out as a door and there are two wheels under it for moving convenience. The house costs no more than $1000.

inside the house
inside the house

About him

DAI is from Hunan province of China, his father is a construction worker and his mother is a janitor. He said with his salary, he wouldn’t be able to buy an apartment in China not until two or three hundred years. After graduation, Dai stayed in Beijing after an traineeship. He said his only hope is to make money and have a wife. Even renting a house in Beijing is out of my range. In an exhibition by the company, called “an egg hatched by a city” gave him the inspiration to build the egg by himself. He borrowed 6400 RMB from his relative and with the help from his classmates, built the egg shaped house. He works in the company on days and spend nights in the “egg”.  With renting expenses covered with this little house, he can sometimes go to the café. But this kind of life will end soon with the arrival of urban management staff. They ordered himself to move the thing away.


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      Sisna 7 years ago

      thats Relley cool