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Ehab Fares "Egyptian Entrepreneur"

Updated on December 30, 2017

Ehab Fares Journey

Right before the turn of the century in 1999, he was responsible for establishing the sales and business development division of Saudi Arabian based company, Trinet. The new millennium witnessed many substantial shifts in the world. This new world featured LINKdotNET assigning Ehab Fares as the new General Manager of MSN Arabia, hotmail and Messenger in the Middle East in 2000, he was subsequently given charge of

4 years later, he founded SYNCCORP, the award-winning Egypt-based advertising agency. It has gained acclaim for offering premier creative solutions to all its clients, including LG, Western Union and Edita. In 2009, Ehab Fares founded the first digital engagement agency in the Egyptian Market. Acting as its Managing Director alongside being its founder, BSocial emerged powerfully on the digital scene with a unique focus on innovation and the power of human interaction in its practices. This unique approach has caused many global clients to sing its praise.

2015 was the year that witnessed the birth of Vhorus, changing the game towards building a true virtual reality platform for the Middle East, and the world. Through Vhorus, we strive to do things nontraditionally, in a non-traditional medium. We investigate all possible opportunities and we seek to build meaningful relationships. Because our mission is a grand one towards building a virtual platform for the Middle East region primarily, and to further advance it into the world of tomorrow.

Ehab Fares Photo

Ehab Fares
Ehab Fares

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