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Electricians Earn More Money

Updated on August 21, 2012

Top Earning Trade Job

The national median electrician salary surpasses that of many other trades and professions. The projected job trends for electricians are also better than those of many other career choices. Both of these facts are good reasons for choosing a career as an electrician, but there are other benefits to becoming an electrician as well.

Job stability in the electrical field is almost guaranteed. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting that by the year 2020, the electrical field will have grown at a rate that is 23% higher than the average national job growth rate. That statistic confirms that more electricians will be needed for years to come and current electricians can enjoy job stability.

With a national median electrician salary currently at $23.20 an hour, over half of the U.S. electricians make more than that. The highest paid electricians are: lineman that work for electric companies, master electricians and electrical contractors. Some of these individuals make upwards of $100,000 per year and more which asserts that an electrician salary can afford an individual a very comfortable lifestyle.

Specialized Trained Electricians Earn Even More

One of the other attractions to choosing a career as an electrician is the broad scope of the electrical field. Many different types of jobs are available within the field. Individuals can choose jobs that are primarily indoors such as residential wireman or work in jobs that are exclusively outdoors such as working as a lineman for a power company. Other choices include options to work in: industrial or residential settings, to work in new construction or maintenance, to work in steady 9-5 positions or to work in transient, mobile positions, etc… The choices available for electricians to specialize in are as vast as the electrical field itself.

The combined benefits of an electrician career (job stability, electrician salary, job trends, etc…) undoubtedly make it a wise choice for anyone seeking a new career. Although an individual will need to take a certain amount of electrician courses and work in the field for certain amount of time to qualify for various state electrician licenses, there is incentive all along the way: the promise of an even higher salary. Individuals that progress from apprentice electrician to journeyman electrician to master electrician or electrical contractor, will enjoy a significant pay raise with every step of the licensing later they climb.

Other Benefits include Retirement and Medical Plans

Other benefits of an electrician career include company benefits such as retirement and medical insurance plans. Most companies that hire electricians appreciate the individual’s efforts to become qualified; companies also understand the job trends for electricians and are motivated to keep their electricians happy. So it isn’t unusual for electricians to receive other company benefits on top of a high paying electrician salary.

Becoming an electrician takes time and personal commitment. However, job trends, electrician salary and job stability make a career as an electrician an excellent choice and well worth the individual’s effort. Most electricians (especially those that have company benefits like medical and retirement plans) are able to live a comfortable lifestyle even in today’s economy…


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