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Elements of a Great Home Cleaning Business

Updated on February 16, 2017

If you are thinking about starting a house cleaning business, you’re looking in the right direction. The growth of household incomes and increasingly packed schedules, provides ample opportunity for your home cleaning business to grow. This means that starting a home cleaning business can be profitable – if planned and managed right.

Starting a home cleaning business doesn’t require an enormous investment (unlike other startup businesses) so it can attract some entrepreneurs who are only in it to make quick money. While some of these house cleaning businesses succeed in the short-term, chances are that they will not be successful in the long run.

If you want to growing substantive house cleaning business, you will want to focus on generating value, strengthening your brand, and solidifying your professional relationships with your customers. The question remains however, what are the elements of a great home cleaning business?

While you may have your own ideas of what creates a great home cleaning business, here are a few elements to consider when you start your business:

A great home business...

Provides exceptional value

Delivering great value to your customers is important in any industry, but in the house cleaning industry, where you are in the home of your clients, providing exceptional value is especially vital.

Why providing exceptional value important? Because in the back of your client’s mind, they are thinking that “they” and not you should be cleaning their kitchen. In other words, often times your client will have guilty feelings about letting someone else clean their home. Therefore they will be looking to justify hiring your services by finding the value in what you deliver.

This could be the professional manner by which you clean. Your ability to work around your clients when they are home. And going beyond your job description to ensure a beautiful, clean, and organized space.

Recognizes what customer’s wants

Your home cleaning business is thriving because you know what a customer wants. When they hire you to do a deep clean, they want you to thoroughly clean their home. However, a poor cleaning company will often leave things unclean simply because they think, “Well the customer didn’t tell me she wanted the blinds cleaned.” or “the windows looked clean to me.”

Being able to recognize and anticipate the customer’s needs beforehand will generate goodwill between your business and your customers. This effort will be important to keep in mind while you are hiring and training your employees.

Respects a customer’s schedule

Your time is important and your customer’s time is even more important. After all, that is why they have hired your home cleaning company: to save them time. If they have to wait ten, fifteen minutes for you to begin and ten or fifteen minutes for you to end, this might make them rethink the effort to hire you again. You’re not just giving your client a clean and tidy home, you are giving them an entire afternoon off.

If you save someone the trouble of cleaning their house and giving them more time than they believed they could enjoy today, they will want to repeat the experience all over again. By making their time valuable, you show that your home cleaning business is valuable

Makes Customer Feel Good

While many customers can afford a little indulgence every once-in-awhile, chances are that your customers are really giving themselves a treat every month by having someone else do their house work for them. As mentioned earlier, it can get real easy to feel guilty about this indulgence. Like anything else you might spoil yourself with, you want the very best. You want to feel good about indulging in a service.

Your job as a house cleaning service, is to not simply clean up your client’s home, but make them feel great about their decision to be with you.

But what does that look like? What does making them feel good look like?

Well, we believe that aside from the basics:

  • Working with their schedule and offering flexibility
  • Getting there on-time
  • Doing an excellent job cleaning and tidying

There are some other main points:

You and your staff when working in someone’s home should always maintain a cheerful personality. You should be smiling, happy, and even chatty with your clients, if possible. Some clients may not want to be bothered at all, while others don’t mind having “small talk” as you are mopping their floor. You will need to be able to read the situation. There is nothing wrong with saying, “Good morning, it’s a beautiful day today!” or “You have a beautiful home, thank you for allowing us to work for you today.”

Having a positive mind-frame and attitude throughout your time there will be an important part of your job.

Additionally, you may also decide to leave a checklist of the things that you and your staff had accomplished during your time in their home. This will help you also keep a record of what you have done prior if they decide to work with you again.

Elements of a Great Home Cleaning Business

What makes an excellent cleaning business prevail (and profit) in the long run are two things: taking care of the expected things while taking care of the small things too. It is the small elements in your performance that drive up the value in your home cleaning service business.


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