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Elevator Cleaning

Updated on December 29, 2010

Elevator Cleaning

Stainless Steel Doors and frame.

Note: If the surface is tarnished, use cream cleanser, such as Mrs Wrights Metal polisher and scrub clean with white pad first. Wipe clean with clean microfiber cloth and follow with following steps.

Important Note: If the surface is mirror polished stainless steel. Do not scrub with white pad or microfiber pad. Use only clean t-shirt type material only to clean and polish gently. It could scratch the surface.

1: Spray stainless cleaner either water base or oil base on to the micro fiber dust cloth.

Note: When spraying into the towel. Fold the towel to the size you want and put the aerosol tip deep into the towel, so that no chemical will fly out into the air and fall to the ground unless you are using foam type.

Note: If you are using oil based cleaner. Make sure to wipe off well. If not, it will collect dust on the surface.

2: Wipe circular motion to wipe thoroughly well into the surface evenly. Do not leave any space between your wipes, it will leave streaks.

Note: If the surface has a directional grains, follow the direction when polishing.

3: To reach high area, use telescope pole or long handle with rabbit ear tool or micro fiber doodle bug holding tool. Wrap the micro fiber dusting cloth around the bottom face and do the same thing as #1. Make sure to cover all areas thoroughly.

4: If any of the walls have wood panels. Use wood cleaner and do the same as #1- #3.

5: If floor is hard surface. Dust mop thoroughly (vacuum the corners and edges if needed).

5A: If floor is carpeted. Vacuum the corners and edges well as needed and vacuum the floor. Note: Vacuum the door tracts as needed with brush head or small crack cleaning tool.

Note: Door tracts need to be cleaned and polished as needed. Use aerosol cleaner.

Spray over the tract and scrub with brush and wipe off with clean towel.

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      pugazhendi.M 3 years ago

      i like hotel management

    • profile image

      clean stainless steel 7 years ago

      handy tips there I must try the cream cleaner next time round.