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Email Marketing Tips

Updated on December 13, 2010

Why Email Marketing? Do You Think Email Marketing any good? What would you react if you get spammed  with hundreds of marketing emails from strangers talking about stuff that you are absolutely NOT interested in? I would just drag that email address into the Blacklist and report a spam. Is Email Marketing that hopeless? Of course not. I'm gonna talk about some Email Marketing Super Strategies to get targeted and happy traffic from the customers. Wanna see it? Let's read on.

Email Marketing Super Strategies Revealed
Email Marketing Super Strategies Revealed

What Email will Interest Us?

 Of course, ones that are interesting to us will interest us!

We have different hobbies, preferences. Some like this, some like that. As an internet surfer every day, surfing online is part of life. 30% of the total consumption of mine is via the internet. I buy almost everything possible for the convenience that the online shopping brings us.

Therefore, we often go to sites that involve our interests. We usually have to sign up as a free member or sth. to communicate with other people who share the same interest on that website. That's good. Good socializing. That's the point!

I have many interests in different areas. Take Music as an example, I like couple of singers, male and female, from different countries, in different languages, with different skin colors, of different music types. I am probably a music fan of 20 singers all over the world. Songs in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese. Rock music, pop music, classical music, pure music, etc. Too many of them. Every singer that I fancy will get my special attention when they publish a new album of a single song, and the fresh news about them.

Imagine if I received an email from a stranger about anyone that I fancy, I will no doubt take a look at it and read it thru. Of course, that email won't be considered as spamming. That makes a great difference.

Targeted Email Marketing
Targeted Email Marketing

What Are We Supposed to Do?

It depends on what you are promoting. If you are promoting a singer's limited CD albums, you're supposed to enter "ABC Fan Club"(ABC is the name of the singer.) into Google's search box. Then click on the first few sites on the first page of the searching result. Why? Because of the excellent work of Google, we can consider the first few sites to be the best for that term.

What to do then? Just enter the website, looking for any contact info of this Big Fan Club website, asking him or her whether they can Bulk Email the fans of ABC about the newly published Collectibles and Memorabilia about ABC via the email addresses on the registration info. Of course, you're gonna pay for that service, while that seems worthwhile for that super targeted Email Marketing.

How to Build My Opt-in List?
How to Build My Opt-in List?

How to Build My Opt-in List?

Super simple!

When ABC's Fan Club did their job, the targeted traffic to flood in your sales page (landing page), remember to add a Opt-in Box on the page, asking them for names and email addresses. Then you just get your Opt-in List. Make use of every single dime you spent.

Learn the Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategies
Email Marketing Strategies


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