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Integrating Social Media Tool to Your Every Email & Blogs

Updated on April 22, 2014

Go Social and Get Response. With the rise of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn, chances are - 9 out 10 prospects in your email list are getting their "buzz" from these social networks. Taking advantage of this would certainly give a positive impact to your email campaign.

I listed below what feature you need to let your email marketing and online marketing in general go social and bring impact your marketing business.

  • Social Share Buttons
    Multiply your audience right away by adding social share buttons to your every email ad, newsletters, and let your subscribers spread to the world! Let your targeted audience interact with every campaign, by giving them option to share to their own network of friends. This would result to possible multiple sign-ups if not outright sales.}

  • Instant tweets & Automatic Facebook updates!
    Twitter and Facebook are just two among social sites that every online marketer must have. But, managing a Twitter and Facebook accounts is not an easy task. Having an option to automate your campaign with Twitter tweets and Facebook updates would certainly make your job a lot easier. Now, keep your followers up to speed!

  • Add Social Power to your blog!
    In addition to your tweets, blogging is also important to add more online visibility for your product, service or affiliate business. Posting automatic updates on Facebook & Twitter each time you blog is an added advantage. Engage your readership & your followers!

  • Grow your list faster by Capturing Contacts!
    Facebook account without a sign-up form is dead. Every visitor to your Facebook page is a prospect, don't let them leave your page without leaving a trace. Adding a web form to your Facebook page to capture email addresses a must if you are to get more subscribers.

Your Social Media Circle

There hundreds of social media networks around but only a handful can be considered very useful in the sense that it can offer an impact on your online marketing campaign.

If you have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google Plus and probably Tumbler then you already have good number of social network site that could help you boost your online marketing campaign.

The next thing you should do is to take advantage of your social network traffic generating potential by getting engaged.

  • Importing Social Media Contacts
    Email is vital in communicating to your partners, client and prospects. Integrating their social media contact will help you to be always in touch with them in every news, updates and makrketing campaign. Most email Email marketing services like GetResponse has available feature that can help you with the task of importing contacts a lot easier.

Having your social network contacts will help boost for your email campaign. Tap your social media network to your email contacts now before you kick-off your next email marketing campaign.

Capture Contacts

Social Network

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