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Emerging Channels That Is Playing A Role In Digital Marketing

Updated on May 30, 2015

New ways to market to people are evolving. We are going to look at digital marketing channels that are emerging. New technology is playing a big part in emerging digital marketing channels. We’re going to look at is a digital marketing channel and what types of channels are out there.

What is a digital marketing channel

What is a digital marketing channel actually? Digital marketing channels are ways you can market to massive audiences that are online or using the internet to connect with your brand or business. It’s where your audience is spending most of their time online. (Boitnott, J. 2014).

The 3 big digital marketing channels

There are 3 big digital marketing channels that are playing an important role in digital marking; social media, SEO and email marketing (Ugale, J. 2013).

Social Media

Social media enable people to interact with each other and to create and share content. Social media is one of the biggest emerging digital marketing channels. Social media is evolving at a rapid pace. One channel of social media that is rising is visual social media platforms and site like Pinterest and Instagram (Brinkley, C. 2013)

Seach Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is optimizing your website to be search engine friends to rank in search results. SEO has always been playing a big role in digital marketing and it’s continually changing. Now it’s not just optimizing your website, but also you’re social media profiles and other platforms your business are using online. Search engines are starting to take in account of how users make use of your brand outside of your own website. The more engagement your brand has the better. An era of engaging the user has emerged and it’s showing in SEO (Fishkin, R. 2014).

Email marketing

Email marketing is an important factor that will determine if your business will be a success online. Digital marketers view their email list as the most important thing they can have. It’s their gold mine you can say. Marketers are focusing more and more to get peoples email to have direct content with their customers and turning leads into customers. Digital marketers are starting to integrate emails with mobile users, social media and even review sites (Beashel, A. 2014).

The one channel that is growing rapidly

There’s one channel that’s really starting to boom and that is mobile. People these days are using more mobile phones to connect with brands rather than using desktop PC’s (Brinkley, C. 2013). Digital natives practically live on their mobile device. With Smartphone people are connecting to social media, reading emails and visiting website and much more. Even search engines are taking in consideration if your website is mobile friendly or not. Mobiles phones are playing the biggest role in digital marketing and it will continue to grow (Marrs, M. 2013).

A final word

There are thousands upon thousands of digital marketing channels you can make use of. Choosing one can be hard or difficult, but you can make it easy for yourself. Always ask yourself where your audience is and use the channels your audience is using.


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