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Employee Management- Tips to Becoming an Effective Manager

Updated on June 22, 2012

Are you in the management ranks? Have you just been promoted to manager and have no clue what is expected? Do you want to bring out the best in the people you manage? From time to time I will be writing tips on effective management practices. Managing employees is not an easy job. Fortunately I only have two employees reporting to me. But let me tell you, those two can be very challenging at times. If you have a large department, I can't image dealing with multiple personalities and performance issues. One of your goals should be to build happy teams that are satisfied with you as a manager and are engaged in their work. Here a short list of effective tips.

  • Positive Feedback: Do you only give feedback when something has been done wrong or have constant negative feedback? There is power in positive feedback. Some managers are just innately negative. One way to gauze your negative meter is to make a conscious effort to become aware of how often your feedback is negative. One suggestion to overcome constant negativity is to work toward five positive feedback comments for every one negative feedback comment. If you are a manager who focuses on positive characteristics and strengths, your success rate with that employee will be much higher.
  • Flexible Schedules: Work-Life Balance is the operative word in the work force. Anything you can do to help your employees achieve that will bring you success. Be innovative with flexibility like job sharing and flexible schedules. Employees who feel balanced can focus more on their jobs as opposed to life stresses.
  • Create a positive and supportive work environment: Build positive relationships with your employees. You don't have to be their best friend and you still want to maintain the fact that you are the manager. However, showing interest in their personal lives and who they are as a person builds a comradery with the team. Encourage your employees to achieve a little more than they have in the past to allow them the good feeling of success.
  • Provide learning and growth opportunities: Regularly review career goals and help them develop a plan to achieve them. Encourage employees to come to you with solutions, not just problems. Give them the opportunity to problem solve. You'll be surprise at the solutions they can come up with on their own.
  • Vacation Time- Encourage your employees to use all their vacation/PTO time. I heard somewhere that Americans are not taking all of their vacation time due to demands at the office. I always take all my time. It's my benefit. A well-rested employee is much more valuable to you than one who is stressed and over committed. Stress affects energy, performance, retention and employee engagement.

I learned during this management journey that sometimes I would have issues going on in my personal life that would reflect in my managment style. Learning to manage my emotions at work was a way to control any negativity I had and prevent me from taking it out on my employees.

I hope these few tips will help you succeed in your journey to be the best manager you can be. Believe me, it is a journey. I'll share more later...


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