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Employee Time Management Tips For The Workplace

Updated on August 26, 2013

Time Management Courses

Employee time management skills are  learned skills. Some employees are well organized and efficient when is comes to time management. Teaching employees time management can be accomplished by varies means. Employers can opt for; time management classes, time management seminars, and/or time management workshops. Being able to administer time management training is important for workers to understand it is a skill which needs to be implemented to improve the workflow in the office.

Effective management is necessary when a productive work day is to be expected of all employees. Effective management can also include helping employees create a time management system.

Time Management Programs & Workshops

Here are five tips to get you started:

1.  Learn how to have patience with yourself.  Learn that it will take time to accomplish the things you want to achieve.  You need to understand time management is a learned skill.  Time management seminars and programs are great ways to help employees acquire the necessary time management skill needed.

2.   Learn to stay calm.   When I discovered that being in a relaxed and calm state of mind was more efficient than being frantic I learned to practice a presence of calm.   Time management courses are great whether in an actual classroom or taking online time management coures


Time Mangement Tips

 3.  Learn how to prioritize.  Believe it or not knowing how to work on the most important goals first is your fist item to accomplish.  During time mangement training you will learn the value of being able to have and how to know what takes first priority.   A time management tip is to resist wanting to do the easy and simple tasks first.   Sometime the simple tasks are not what are the most important.   You will feel even more self-confident in being a time manager when you have achieved your important task first.   After which you will have more confidence and succeed at your other tasks with ease.



Management Seminars, Courses or Workshops

4. Making a list. I can not tell you how making a list is very benefitual for time management. At first I thought people who worked and used lists were just using lists because they were forgetful. But in actuality making a list will save you mountains of time, and you will accomplish what you need to do for the day. Those that are successful at planning their time are people that have a list of things that need to be done. You will be able to see in black and white what it is you need to do. Only include what you really feel you can accomplish within a specfic block of time.

5. Buy a planner and plan your work day. When I first purchased my first planner it seemed very odd. It will take a little time to adjust to using it. Once you have adjusted to implementing a planner in your daily activities it will become second nature for you. You need to schedule time to accomplish your goals and your tasks.

These are your five tips to time management. These five tips will get you well on your way to becoming an excellent time manger.


Programs and Seminars

There are many books and organizations dedicated to teaching, and/or training time management skills to employees, Among those is Dale Carnegie a leader in Corporate training on leadership. There are an ocean of online time management courses someone can take independently in order to improve their skills.

Time management programs and workshops are totally not a new art by any means, but learning to manage your time is a very vital tool to know when attempting to complete tasks timely and orderly.  There are specialized courses in time management to help employers train their employees in sustaining this skill.


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  • Nyamache profile image

    Joshua Nyamache 

    7 years ago from Kenya

    Time management is very important for any business organization. Some employees do not know how to manage their time and this leads the organization not to achieve some of its goals. Seminars, workshops and coaching employees on how to manage time will be of great help to employees and the organization.

  • adrienne2 profile imageAUTHOR

    Adrienne F Manson 

    9 years ago from Atlanta

    Hi Roger to do list are great. I find myself using what take's prior as the best way to manage my time effeciently.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    I found making a to do list the night before helped me increase my productivity. I spend 15 minutes a night writing out my list, then prioritizing it.


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