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Employee Report

Updated on May 13, 2010

There are many different types of documents that can be taken to constitute employee reports. Although you may see them under the same name or even created using the same software the truth is that employee reports often overlap with each other in their purpose, tools used or execution as well as post collation analysis. It can cover things like the employee’s employment hours and earnings for the month, to incident reports as employee’s reports of work related injuries or injuries who now seek to claim reimbursement. Or it could be a report on employees evaluating their performance and analyzing their competency and strengths as well as weaknesses.

Evaluation of employee reports generally require complicated software to synthesize actual reviewing from qualified professionals in assessing the employee to other performance indicators before pulling it into an in depth individual evaluation report consisting of many sections. This could be a gap analysis showing where the employee is lacking in knowledge or skills as well as a chart to make the numbers easy to digest. It could also show strengths and areas of opportunity to develop the employee as well as a data breakdown of the employee’s competence in different areas across the board. All these would add up to one final report that could go into company or departmental averages and make up an entire employee performance reports that is helpful for business planning.

Another form would be for hours spent and the need to comply with regulations regarding over time law as well as working on public holidays and the like. A proper report would have to be made to allow for easier audits and accounting when the seasons come about or the lawyers come knocking. As for the employee reports of injury, that would usually be for injuries incurred in the course of employment, perhaps due to accidents and the company provided for recompense. Or it could just be medical claims that the company provides for. This is of course similar to other expense reports. Many employee report software covers most of this functions.


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