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Employee Scheduling Software

Updated on May 12, 2010

Are you looking for an employee scheduling software that has the characteristics you need, or do you feel unclear about what you really need in deciding the correct software for your company’s use? If you’re thinking about factors such as password protection or multiple locations, then that is a good start to finding the correct employee scheduling software that will suit your needs to a tee.

A lot of people use things like google calendar or google documents, or mix Microsoft outlook with Microsoft excel as a makeshift solution when they start off their company until they begin to reach a size such that more sophisticated programs are required, at that point they have a rough idea of what needs and conveniences they now require.

Some priorities are if the software can handle multiple locations which is helpful if you are running a franchise or a brand with many outlets and branches. They would also have a very standard ability to calculate the monthly and weekly hours of the employees which is very helpful in determining salary or which employees are the most hardworking. It is also helpful if the software can distinguish between different types of over times, like on public holidays, weekends, after hours and midnight hours.

Some of the more unique factors can also come about, for example some software takes minimal configuration and even have an online component that you as a business owner can log in in the afternoon at a starbucks and watch the accounts and charts and schedules gets converted into an online database from which you can access through a website and get updates on your employees as well as administering their schedules.

That is helpful for you to create departments and employees, and assign administrators as well as customize their tabs and activities. Some people place an extra premium on user friendly interface in their employee software, which improves their own efficiency.

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    • profile image

      James 7 years ago

      Good short article on employee scheduling. I'd also like to add that some can even take approved employee requests, hours of availability, business needs (positions and shifts), etc. and automatically calculate a work schedule for you.. is really good at this..

    • profile image

      Hakuna 7 years ago

      Hakuna is a software program, designed specifically for employee scheduling. We are ideally suited for restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stores and more. Anyone who writes their employee schedule on a regular basis can benefit from Hakuna Scheduling Software.

      We allow both managers and employees online access to their schedule, ensuring they can check their schedule from home, their cell phones, or even on a beach. Hakuna offers an easy to use interface that can be mastered in minutes, leaving managers more time to be on the floor with their employees.

      We allow:

      Unlimited employee's

      Unlimited schedules

      Unlimited Departments & Positions

      Account for Holidays

      Employee's can request days off, managers receive an email to approve or deny the request

      and much more...

      Visit our website to learn more