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Employee Time Management

Updated on December 6, 2010

If you are an employer or human resource management in an industry that has scalable profits, then you are probably one that takes into special consideration proper employee time management and probably facing some employee time management problems. All the more so if your industry is a bustling and competitive one, then you would also need to make more efficient use of your employee’s time. A careful and delicate balance have to be struck between time that is managed well, and sufficient slack so that performance is preserved. The best employee time management really comes from a motivated employee base with initiative. But there are things that can be done to help spur that on from the baseline to new heights.

Issues of time management is common to virtually every single company but it can be addressed in an effective and efficient manner. All it takes is the will to carry out the right changes.

The foremost thing to do is not to exert over and overwhelming pressure on your employees. Razing the forest methods like fire-walling facebook and instant messengers or even youtube may have short term success as employee’s ability to procrastinate is immediately removed, but it will have long term morale loss. The worst is that human ingenuity will always result in some other way to procrastinate. The local tech hobbyist amongst the employees will find some way to get around it, sometimes with disastrous results. Scientific studies have also shown that if you allow small breaks in the workplace, better productivity is achieved. Better the devil you know than the devil you do not. Or so it is sometimes.

One of the methods that have proved to work is to explain to employess that efficient time management is all about priorities. That is how to use priorities as the guiding principle behind making their decisions on what to do and what not to do. They must also learn to cope with uncertainty and with things that just pop up into their lives. Last minute changes are part and parcel of daily life. Time management skills, to be effective, must work from the bottom up. You could also use time and expense softwareto keep track of their actual productivity instead of their perceived productivity!

Classes, seminars and training programs can do this somewhat but limited to an extent, but try to go for them yourself to see if they are really effective and not just paying lip service to keep up superficial appearances.

Establish goals and set paths out carefully, but after that leave them to their own devices. You hired them for a reason, they know how to do their job. But do keep track of how well they are doing their jobs, and bring that information up to them when necessary to show them that they are falling behind and may need to buck up. Like if you see they have been inflating their employee expense report to claim more reimbursement than is usual.


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    • profile image

      Austin W 

      7 years ago

      Employee time management system is an integral requirement for the organizations today for a very simple reason that the set up is most of the times multi-geographic. It helps in bringing, the teams working on same project but seperated by physical location, at same platform and the most evident by-product of this system is increased communication and raised effeciency. But importantly the system has to be simple and starightforward so that it doesn't create any activity overhead on the employees. We struggled with couple of those softwares available until we started using TimeMerlin.

    • Csjun89 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      I guess that is so, thanks for coming by here

    • profile image

      Roger Chestnut 

      8 years ago

      Time management is very important to keeping employees sane as well as productive. One good way to know if employees are at least coming to work is with a time clock. Companies even have time clocks that read hand prints, ensuring that team members show up to do the job! And once employees clock in they all have the same goal to work toward: clocking out!


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