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Employees Standards

Updated on February 10, 2018

Employees Standards

 Some companies demand that employees submit invoices in order to get paid. These employees are not sub contractors and do actually work for that particular company. People who run their own businesses must submit invoices in order to receive payment.

 Companies that force employees to submit invoices in order to get paid are doing this because they don’t have to pay benefits and you are on your own with health care. You are on your own with taxes, pension, unemployment insurance. Should companies be allowed to get away with this all because they don’t want to do the proper paperwork? Why is it allowed?

Is it Legal?

Generally most employees are afraid of losing their employment. No one wants to lose their job. This could be the balance of negativity that runs in our society. In actual reality, if your deductions are not taken from your gross pay, your employer’s paperwork and the company share of the deductions fall onto your lap. The problem is that the general population is not aware of tax law, and unless you have an accountant in the family, you’ll cover the bill and you’ll notice that the hourly wage you thought you were getting is now considerably less.

Is it What You Know? Or Who You Know?

If you have your own business that provides a product or service then you must submit an invoice. But when you work for that company, shouldn't you be on their payroll? I think from what I've personally experienced, it comes down to not what you know, but who you know. However, the experience and knowledge allows a professionally trained person to leave a bad situation (job) when they sense that something shifty is going on. On the flip side though, some people have a harder time finding employment and are not as quick to leave a bad job situation, for whatever the reason.


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