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Employers Guide To Saving Up To 75% On Hiring And Training New Hires

Updated on December 8, 2014

That Means You Prospective Employer

Ignorance Cost Companies Thousands Yearly

Each year funds go unpaid to companies like yours big and small who fail to take advantage of the many federal programs designed to help both the employer and the employee simultaneously .Time taken to see what available resources are available at your state Department Of Labor, with walk in visit or visit to your states Department Of Labor and Workforce Development website.Many business owners and human resource professionals choose to ignore out of fear of dealing with the paperwork involved.Or the population the programs are designed to help.Its a shame companies are not actively taken advantage of these array of programs.

Failure To Review Job Applications and Interview Prospective Employees

Each day millions of job candidates go online and walk-in for applications at your company website,they openly answer your questions that ask how they managed during their employment to buy groceries and earn money to pay the rent. The right word would be unearned income received from the local Board Of Social Services in their city.Only to get disappointed they never receive a call to come in for an interview.They hear nothing from all the prospective employers they applied to for a job..The skills go unused from the experienced applicant. And inexperienced applicants gets no chance to gain new skills that can make all the difference to himself and the world who gains from the quality workmanship to the product he produces or serves up with his new skill taught from a employer who was forward thinking.Willing to give him an opportunity to show what natural ability he had hiding from himself let alone the world at large.Stop passing up all the potential that goes unnoticed everyday from all across america from suburbs to inner city.

Potential Going Unused

Job Vacancies Rates

Job vacancies in the United States averaged 3683.15 thousand from 2000 until 2014. Job offers in the United States decreased to 4735 Hundreds in September of 2014 from 4853 Hundreds in August of 2014. The number of employed persons in the United States increased to 147287 Thousand in November of 2014 from 147283 Thousand in October of 2014. Reported by U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics. Posted on the website.

Average Weekly Hours Worked In The United States

Average weekly hours in the United States averaged 34.36 hours from 2006 until 2014,reaching an all time high of 34.70 hours in December of 2006 and a record low of 33.80 hours in March of 2009. Reported U.S.Bureau Of Labor Statistics Posted on website.

Long Term Unemployment rate

Long Term Unemployment Defined

The total population in the United States was last recorded at 317.3 Million people in 2013 from 76.1 Million in 1900,changing 317 percent during the last 50 years. Reported by the U.S.Census Bureau. Long term unemployment rate in the United States averaged 2.34 percent from 2013 until 2014,reaching an all time high of 2.80 percent in June of 2013 and a record low of 1.80 percent in November of 2014, Long term Unemployment rate in the United States refers to the unemployment rate for a period longer than 27 weeks

What Companies Must Consider When Hiring For New Positions

When an organization creates a new position,it incurs costs to develop a job description and salary structure.If there,s no work space vacant there may be remodeling costs or rental for an off-site work space.The new employees may need outside training especially if the new position has responsibilities with which no one else in the organization is familiar.Some organizations provide their employees with equipment,uniforms or tools that must be purchased for a brand new person Replacing an existing employee involves two different different types of costs-direct and indirect.Direct costs are the easiest to calculate and include advertisements,recruiting fees,sign-on bonuses,salary and benefit costs.A salary increase may be necessary to attract qualified applicants.Indirect costs are difficult to quantify.A trained employee takes his knowledge and skills with him.The organization will incur lost productivity and there is a high potential for mistakes until the new employee achieves the same level of skill.However,calculating of these costs may not be easy or even possible. Reported on

Your Company May Be Eligible For One Of Two On The Job Reimbursement Programs Available Now Through The Department Of Labor

These programs are a government initiative to assist eligible U.S. long-term unemployed customers in finding employment.Training new employees can be expensive.Now,employers can get help with the costs of hiring and training new hires. When you participate in the WorkFirst On The Job Training (OJT) program,you can offset the cost of training and may receive reimbursement up to 75% of your new hire's salary for up to six months.You may also qualify for the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit of $1,200 to $9,600 for wages paid after the compettion of the OJT program. OJT has a proven track record of helping the unemployed workers gain new skills to find and retain employment.

Work First OJT Provides Pre-Screened Applicants for Your Job Opening.

YOU interview. YOU make the hiring decision. IMPORTANT: Please note that an approved contract must be in place before the applicant may start working at your organization.Please contact the OJT Representative at your state local Unemployment office, for further information.


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Potential Job Candidates Looking for A Hand Up Not A HandOut


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      now singapore is re hiring old retired folks to work too.

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      And worth the effort for both employer and employee.

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      There is a lot involved in hiring the right employees for your business!