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What Do You Need to Know Before Going to a Job Interview

Updated on December 29, 2016

Job Interview


The Reason For High Unemployment Rate

It’s well known that a good job is hard to find these days. Open up the classified section either on a job-searching website or a daily newspaper, you will see tons of ads for job openings. Don’t be fooled by pages and pages of wanted ads. Look at them closely, you will find about 95% of them are low level, entry positions, such as customer service, office assistant, salesmen, order entry/billing, etc. which offer minimum starting salary and very little benefits. And what does the employer demand from a potential employee? Take this ad as an example.

Office Assistant Position: Good computer skills, good communication skills, general office duties, with computer hardware, software knowledge, familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, dependable, hardworking, faster learner and self-starter, College degree.

Company benefits include: high salary, health insurance, paid vacation and pension.

The ad looks quite attractive, only many find out at the interview what the General Office Duties, Self-Starter, and Hardworking really mean.

It is obvious that the employer wants someone with high-tech knowledge, well-educated and with some experience. However, what does General Office Duties include? Don’t be surprised if the interviewer tells you, sorry we don’t hire a cleaning crew, so you have to do some cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, and maintaining the bathroom, toilet etc. As a Self-Starter, you need to find your own work. No one is going to tell you what to do next. You must wear many hats if necessary: calling up the customer, offering them new products, taking the initiative, be a salesman, customer service, AR/AP, receptionist, etc. As a Hardworking employee, you have to finish a day’s work no matter how late it is and willing to work overtime without pay, even on weekends.

Then what does the employer willing to give an employee in exchange for the hard labor?

Sad but often true, High Salary means the average rate if not lower. Health Insurance is basically the minimum standard that the government allows. Paid Vacation is a tricky one, the first year, of course, you don’t receive any vacation days, the 2nd year you earn 3-7 days (So is it 3 or 7?) And Pension, if you don’t ask, they don’t mention it.

How ironic! You see many skilled workers with years of experience walking around seeking for a job. On the other hand, a great number of offices are in desperate need to be filled .

The root of the poor economy is Greed. And the recession gives the employers opportunities to find out how greedy they can get. In the US, many hard working people are treated like slaves. They work long hours with little pay, can’t afford doctor, even food or clothing. They choose not to fight back because of the threat that if they do so, they will lose their job, losing the last protection they have for the whole family. And as long as the threat works, the employers’ greed will not subside. Eventually, everyone gets hurt, employee, employer, government and the entire nation.

Final Words

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