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Employment Diary of FIL AM

Updated on July 16, 2011
Fortunately, I have my Cotton to cheer me up when "unemployment depression" bites me.
Fortunately, I have my Cotton to cheer me up when "unemployment depression" bites me.

My un-employment journey

Getting employed is like an odyssey, especially in our current economic climate. There are more downs than ups. But hey, we only need one job to make us happy right? So I shall undertake to sustain a positive attitude towards employmentville. Feel free to add your own experience. We all could learn from one another.

The problem with resume, there’s no way for employers to know you look younger than your chronological age might not foretell, nor can they tell you’re in good health and works with integrity. One or two pages resume is not enough to gauge your “other” side. When employers look at my resume as they quickly glance the year I graduated in college, the first thing that comes to their mind is – she’s old! Yes, yes… I know…it’s illegal to discriminate based on age. But tell that to the hand. Otherwise, that question would not be there. The list is long why you and I keep dodging that elusive job. It’s the economy for one reason. Actually, it’s the biggest reason. I wish there’s a magic pill to bring back the economy when there are more jobs than applicants. Those were the days. If you’re a positive thinking guru, please don’t comment that the challenges are just in our heads. Well yes….in a way. Give me a break ok. I do wallow in self-pity at times, but I am aware that doing so will not bring me what I want – my dream job.

Please join me in my quest for that elusive “dream” job. This is a weekly summary of my various attempts towards employment. Please refer to my hub Chronicles of the Unemployed to give you a verge eye view on why I decided to start this blog. I should point out that I’m not just looking for a job but my “dream” job. Let me explain my own definition of a dream job: It’s a job that I’ll be happy to work for the rest of my employment life. I’ll even narrow it down. What do I think will make me happy at work? It’s actually simple: Nice boss (one who encourages me to reach my highest potential as the cliché goes), comfortable salary (since I have a built-in income [from hubby] I’m not looking for a 6 figure income though it would be nice), and nice co-workers who brings you up when you’re down and not bring you down with them (ok, this one may be far-fetched). See….it’s simple! Not by a long shot I agree! At 56, this dream seemed a fantasy. But I’m not giving up and neither should you.



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