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First Impression Tips - Employment

Updated on August 13, 2013

First impressions

There's a saying you only have one first time to make a good impression.

That first impressions are usually made within the first few seconds. Scientific data has proven that people make assumptions within the first 15 seconds of meeting someone, if that long.

So first impressions, our visual impressions are what we base our judgement about a person on before they even open their mouth or prove themselves to us.

It has also been said that a hiring manager will make a final decision about a candidate with in moments of meeting them.

Social and business first impressions weigh heavily in our favor or not. Yet it has been proven you can get another chance socially, but more often than not, not in the business arena.

Getting business 'do over', for the first time are impossible.

Listed are quick tips to master when it comes to first impressions, especially in business.

Quick Tips

  • Be on time, which is typically early - 10 to 15 mins. This shows respect more than anything else.
  • Dress to impress, - depending on the business culture. Yes or no? I say over dress...
  • Be Courteous
  • Smile, be upbeat and enthusiastic

Business attire

Clothes make the man???

Not necessarily but it makes a difference especially when people are looking for someone to represent their brand - business.

Truth is the way we dress conveys a lot about us! It is a form of expression! Whether of conformity or rebellion. It is also a good indicator of what we think of ourselves and what we are doing.

There are some principals that never escape us as employees and employers, because we know that we are representing the brand that we work for, by and with, no matter what, how we behave ends up affecting everything around us or that we are involved in, and what we wear have a lot to do with our attitude.

Second chances

It is rare, that any of us ever get a second chance to make a good impression. So it is recommended that we make vitally sure that our first impression is as best as we can make it. This is not always possible, but if it is in your control - do so!

Over doing your first impression is always better than under doing it!

Why, because it has to do with a matter of what is important. We tend to overlook overboard but not under done, because it tells us a lot about how the person already thinks about the meeting or the company.

It shows lack of enthusiasm or interest. If this is not true and you need to redeem yourself, here are some tips to follow.

If or when you are going to be late...

  • call, apologize and give an explanation. Example accident, lost etc

Not appropriately dressed...

  • have an alternative or a blazer to cover up or dress better

Forgot to greet or be courteous with receptionist or secretary...

  • back track, apologize, smile and start over

So, first impression tips, especially when it comes to business, basics..


  • be on time, 10 to 15 minutes early
  • smile
  • neat attire
  • manners / common courtesy
  • attentive
  • engaging
  • respectful

The overall tone of respect is what most of us are looking for when we are hiring someone. Oh, we know a lot from their resume or even from a recommendation, but many a time the deciding factor comes down to respect and personality!

A lot of companies are willing to train the right personality to fulfill a career position, making sure they learn the responsibilities expected of them.

Every business in some way is a customer service business, so it is necessary for employees and employers on some level to have some customer care basic skills, and this comes across when making a good first impression..

Basic customer service skills

At any age we are using skills to elicit assistance from others. Or are offering ourselves to others to be of assistance to them.

Basic skills

  • common courtesy, manners that is - hello, goodbye, yes sir / ma am, no sir / ma am, please, thank you, your welcome
  • smiling
  • asking questions
  • listening
  • being trustworthy

Most relationships are built on trust, reliability, and enthusiasm! Training is a small part of the equation.

When someone is enthusiastic they can be trained to do virtually anything. When they are trustworthy we will recommend them, risking our reputation, for better things. When they are reliable we depend on their judgement when it comes to doing tasks that probably have nothing to do with their position.

This is how promotions and recommendations come about!

Impressions... | Source

Job competition

Job competition is getting tougher and tougher according to the employment or economy specialists.

Of course there are industries that keep growing and will continue to grow.

Yet if one is not prepared to continue to learn they will lose out.

There is also a re growth in the customer service industry. People want to know they are talking to someone that can resolve their issues, this breeds customer loyalty.

Vying for a position? What gives you the edge?


  • enthusiasm
  • willing to learn, being teachable, inquisitive
  • listener
  • communicator
  • respectful

What is the number one way to make a good first impression?

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Definition - acting or arriving at the exact time appointed, prompt.

Nowadays being on time is defined as being 10 to 15 minutes early for any appointment.

I heard the quote, "that if you are on time you are late". That resonated with me because the realization that time is a commodity for us became real.

Ten minutes or 15 minutes before an appointment use to be considered early. Being on time used to be prompt but it no longer applies since time equals money.

Beyond time equaling money, being on time rearing to go makes other people feel excitement and shows excitement. It also shows respect for the other individual!

It shows respect. Team work and support!

Additional tips

Although first impressions can be tricky, they are manageable. When they are a part of your make up, they are easier to preform because they become second nature. So practicing them on a daily basis is a great idea!

Remember first impressions don't have to end with a handshake and a goodbye.

Once you leave an interview or a meeting you can still make a lasting impression.

Business tips

  • send a note
  • make a phone call
  • send a product

All of this is to remind the person or persons you spoke with of your interest and your enthusiasm, it is also a way of selling your product, you!


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