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Employment News – Your Friend to Land Government Jobs

Updated on January 5, 2012

If it is government employment that you seek, then, you must have a copy of Employment News delivered to you - which is an indication of the importance of the contents of this journal. The journal is a weekly, and is published in two more regional languages other than English. The contents of the journal are information about the various job openings throughoutIndia, particularly government job vacancies.

The journal also contains information and tips on the various examinations the government conducts to recruit personnel for its various departments. Such information is very useful for candidates preparing for such examinations.

The popularity of Employment News has not waned despite the Internet becoming the primary source for information searches. All major libraries acrossIndia have a copy of Employment News for sure. The section of people that this journal benefits the most is the rural population. These sections of people have no access to the modern amenities, including Internet – they entirely depend on their copy of Employment News to remain updated about the upcoming examinations and job openings.

The weekly has a long history of helping Indian youth land government jobs, through frequent updates and announcements about upcoming examinations and job openings. Though many more magazines have come along, which is competition to Employment News, the position of Employment News remains unrivalled.

The various content that Employment News holds are:

Employment News contains information about all job openings that is in concern with central and state governments. The weekly also contains news about openings with the various other government entities including nationalized banks, education departments, administrative departments, etc. The upcoming bank exams also find mention in Employment News.

The weekly also contains information about the examinations that needs to be mastered to net the jobs mentioned previously. The information includes details on examinations conducted by Union Public Service Commission, and State Service Commission. The results of these examinations too find publication in Employment News.

The regional versions of Employment News and the English version are available on the Internet, for online access.

The weekly also carries information about the professional colleges throughoutIndia. Information about the courses the colleges offers, together with their fee structure, and other details, find mention in the Employment News. Together with this information, also present is information with regard to job openings in these colleges.

Apart from information on job vacancies and upcoming examinations, the editorial sections of this paper contain advisory content, which helps the young readers make proper career choices. The articles are made up of advisory content about the various fields where people could find employment, the emoluments that the jobs in those respective fields offer, and other details. Also present is information on newer fields that may present job opportunities in the future.

The exact details to applying for examinations in concern with the various government sectors including railways, civil service, etc. are mentioned in a step-by-step manner, for the benefit of the readers - who could be prospective candidates considering applying for the examination.

Since having the right information could decide whether a person lands a job, or the job evades him, Employment News contains all the information for a candidate to be on the right track to land his or her dream job with a government entity. Read Employment News.


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