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Employment vs Self-Employment

Updated on February 11, 2018

In this day and age, everyone is encouraged to be self-employed. Everybody wants to be their own boss. People have ideas. They want to be the CEOs of their own different and colorful empires. Who wouldn’t want that? This situation got me thinking about how most people do not want to be employed. If this is the case, who will the self-employed employ?
It has come to my attention that employment has become something most people shun. I assume that whenever they picture employment, they see early mornings, underpayment, forced overtime and irritating employers. People automatically picture an office environment where things occur mechanically and there is no room for creativity; a place that is all black, white and grey.
In my opinion, employment can be very fulfilling. Consider the editors of globally renowned fashion magazines. I am quite sure that despite the pressure and the demands from higher places, they actually wake up in the morning with smiles on their faces. They know that despite the challenges and deadlines they are doing something they are passionate about. There may be early mornings and late nights but at the end of the day they live colorful and creative lives. I do not see how a fashion editor’s life could possibly be miserable and yet they are employed.
Let us take the time to consider fashion models as well as actors and actresses. Models are employed by the various fashion houses they represent. They enjoy their work because they get the opportunity to travel the world as well as be the face of various clothing lines and makeup empires. Actors and actresses are employed on contract to showcase their talents on various television series as well as big screen movies. Each and every day they have to make an appearance on set as dictated by the director and producers and put their best foot forward. It cannot be easy memorizing all of those lines and yet they spend late nights and early mornings perfecting their craft so that they produce the best that they can. You and I both know they lead quite glamorous lives.
A little closer to the common occupations, let us consider pilots. They study quite hard to get their licenses and more often than not they are away from their loved ones. However, they get to travel the world and get quite hefty salaries at the end of the month. They are employed by their respective airlines, but they enjoy many benefits.
Allow me to speak for myself, kindly. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Planning and Management. I am on the last semester of my second year and already I simply cannot wait to be employed at a project management firm. Project planning is actually quite fun and creates a sense of accomplishment because there are many opportunities to help communities solve various problems they face. Of course, later on in life I plan to start my own firm, but a tree cannot be climbed from the top. You must start at the bottom. I believe that I will wake up every morning with a smile on my face and a sense of purpose as I get ready for work.
In conclusion, do not let anyone discourage you from seeking employment. So long as you are passionate about what you are doing, there is no reason to be unhappy. To clarify, I have nothing against self-employment; in fact I would love to create my own project management empire one day. My point is that whether you are employed or self-employed, it is okay so long as you are fully contented.

© 2018 Valerie


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