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Enculturation in Business

Updated on August 4, 2014

Enculturation in Business

Volume 7, Issue 3, August 4, 2014

The marketing strategy is created and formed in phases at the beginning of an idea or concept for product or services. The Team of CEO’s, COO’s, and executive officers develop a strategy. Developing an informative business plan in an organization is critical to the business venture and development of informed concept or product distribution and is just as important as, marketing, SWOTT Analysis and the approach and tactical strategy engaged in this evaluation or preparation of a business plan.

After the analysis of the enculturation of ideas, notions, beliefs, conditions, habits, and behaviors, an evaluation of the results and the Pros and cons are discussed in its entirety.

The team integrates the ideas with the marketing mix, the four P’s of the marketing mix, strategy and development creation of product, and customer relationships. The analysis provided a well-defined informative promotion at the conclusion to make an informed decision to continue product operations of a business plan. This essentially becomes part of the business plan as an end result in the writing of the business plan.

Enculturation & Segmentation Process

The enculturation and segmentation of the market is a capture of the idiosyncrasies unique to each target market; it is divided in groupings of target audience and classes. Firms develop a behavioral database of their captured audience of customer preferences who are vital to the dynamics of a marketing mix (O’Regan, 2011). This information is vital to the customer or consumer basis of the product selling and being marketed appropriately. The consumer is king and they buy the products that every enterprise sells.

The elements and factors are integrated into the complete strategy, and there are three (3) phases in the segmentation relative in the processes. We also must take into account the new social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, Pinkerest, and Wordpress as it appeals to a Worldwide landscape because quite frankly, every company or enterprise on the Internet is speaking or marketing to a Worldwide audience. A Socially Responsible company must keep this in mind once they decide to conduct business on the Internet and be Socially Responsible in the same respect.

The first phase is the hypotheses of the product; to develop probabilities of profitability and segmentation drivers. For example; we can use this home viewing as a hypothesis in segmentation.

H: 1 Two/thirds of the American adult population rent movies for home viewing.

H: 2 not enough American adult populations rent movies for home viewing (Rasmussen Reports, 2011).

Once the hypotheses is established in the second phase to the segmentation process would be to conduct a Strategic Segmentation Analysis where the firm is provided a blueprint of integrating ideas, differentiation, and diverse resourcing (Kotler, 2009, pp. 256-258).

Enculturation and Strategic Segmentation Analysis

I will use the Sony Smart Streaming Player as an example in this writing as a product that is available in WIFI to stream digital movies, videos, and music onto a TV or computer system for this segmentation and enculturation process. The movies, videos, and music are available from the Net flicks, Pandora, Hulu Plus, and You Tube Home entertainment sites.

The Mass distribution of the Sony Smart Streaming Player within the Sony marketplace was the first and primary option of a targeted audience; with sub-group targeted audience heterogeneous and seek to have a new unsought product that where customers will come across the product in shopping and browsing a product. These initial targeted audience is the Sony loyal consumer base and are part of the elements of the A typical group of 18-year old + and older adults in the targeted audience. The next group is called the B sub-group the Cable/Netflix/Red box/Blockbuster/Satellite/Movie Renter Consumers willing to purchase an instant and direct streaming instrument to engage their home entertainment system. The next group is the C sub-group for Sony is warranty, maintenance, and repair groups who are targeted for customer equity and loyalty appeal. The fourth group, sub-group D is the techy group who purchase routers and modems to upgrade and keep their high-end console up-to-date; this group is more a business product class that may use a product as capital for short-lived items. The next group would be the E sub-group who are 18 to 34 years old and Tech savvy with mobile device applications in social media networks with 72.2 percent of Americans accessing sites (Hispanic Business, 2012)

The team reviewed the information and the elements of enculturation of ideas, habits, drivers and behaviors which must be scrutinized in the third phase of the segmentation that is the evaluation of the segmentation. At this point, Sony could acquire vital demographic information from their operational programs in the Marketing Mix that include the four P’s (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place) and integrate this with the modern marketing mix of the four P’s (People, Processes, Programs, and Performance). Then a process to streamline and narrow the marketing mix (Perreault, 2009, p. 25). This crucial information will provide a more superior and optimum marketing program in consumer equity and longevity (Kotler, 2009, p. 48).

The strategy includes management keeping abreast of changes in the internal and external environments with the evolution of the business market; in this case, a business must include the variations of Social Media in its evaluation as part of an environmental change. As it changes, the Sony firm should upgrade and evolve to create and develop a broader customer base. The inclusions would be the short-lived and long-term product life cycle. Innovations are a crucial element that changes on a day-to-day basis where the factors of customer purchases, new products, behaviors, trends, and competition should be measured with just as much intensity. These factors are elements that could be measured in Sony’s programming operations with the in-house behavioral crowdsourcing projects, Sony’s open Planet site, and Social Network programs, You Tube and Facebook. This includes a broader look into the humanity experiences in the external world we now live in. It is privotal because it will play a crucial role in the development and creation of new businesses and current business that are in the market or on the Internet or Worldwide Web.

Consumers & Organizational Buyers

The device Sony produced is the Sony Smart Streaming Player and comes with many features. The new Sony product is very small, wireless, contains hundreds of movies and games, low monthly cost, and movies can be saved to hard drive so they can be watched repeatedly. This box also has the ability to stream music to the TV or computer. Some organizational buyers would be Best buy, Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Fred Meyer, Amazon, and Sears. Sony is working with Redbox to produce and sell the Sony Smart Streaming Player.

Cultural Influences on Consumers Purchasing Decision

Consumers of the Sony Smart Streaming Player are families, college students, and anybody whom enjoys watching movies. The Streaming Player not only streams movies, video games, but also music. According to Antonucci (2011), today about 70 percent of Americans play video games. That statistic shows what type of consumer base this product will contain. This box is convenient; it saves time and money so people do not have to run into town to rent a movie or game. This box allows people to save movies on hard drive that way the movie can be watched more than once. With this box you can see what movies that Redbox will stream, this way you have the ability to know which movies are available to download. There is always the chance of movies being sold out in stores, but with this box that is not a problem. This box makes it convenient, and allows you to save time by not running into town to rent a movie. The low monthly cost, large selection of movies and games, save products on hard drive, and ability to know which movies can be streamed are a few factors that influence people’s purchasing decisions.

Affect on Marketing Strategy

Organizational buyers and consumers will affect the marketing strategy. The features of the Sony Smart Streaming Player have a lot to offer. Many people today rent movies, games, and buy music, this device does that for a low cost. Marketing this product contains a wide range of people and this product meets many people’s needs. Sony products, along with movies, games, and music are advertised everywhere. This product will allow for Sony to have an established consumer base. The organizational buyers that were listed above contain Sony products; this should help the marketing strategy and be beneficial selling this product. This Sony box makes it easy for movie, game, and music lovers.


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