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Interpretation of Confusion: Ethics or Ladder?

Updated on April 29, 2013

This gets confusing….what is Ethics? It obviously depends on the perspective. Even the dictionary gives a vague definition of the word; a system of moral principles. This is one definition and the other 3 are as vague as the first. So, ethics is an opinion!! For example, my personal ethics differ in a hardcore manner as compared to people I know personally. So, as the title hints, should one follow their ethics or choose to follow the “corporate ladder”??

In a general sense, ethics for the most part normally has to do with manners, honesty, respect, courtship, politeness, integrity, self-respect, clean presentation, professionalism etc etc etc….you get the point….and for the most part, that is what most people in the corporate world agree upon. Except, that in the corporate world we deal with money, lots and lots of money. What happens to people when there is money involved usually?? We all know. So, in this corporate culture of ours, you will have to deviate from the ethics in order to gain some advantage. Whatever is done to gain advantage is now considered “part of the game”, no matter what part of ethics is knocked off the shelf. Every deal is different which means the tactics for gaining business and being recognized as a successful executive, are also different! Normally some part of ethics usually takes a hit because it’s “part of the game”, some dirtier than others…not going into the tactics which are used, just questioning whether ethics needs to take a hit for the sake of playing the game…? The answer to that is, unfortunately yes, if you want to compete. A successful executive can consider himself extremely ethical while at the same time running over his competition with no resent of dirty tactics…for him, since ethics is not very well specified in the dictionary as far as meaning, he is the most ethical person on the planet, and literally does not know, due to lack of the ability to self-analyze, that he is being cut throat and deceitful. Considers that “part of the game” of survival in the corporate world….and he’s not far from the truth! The question I’m imposing here is if it’s worth stepping over people within an organization and outside to be recognized and get a better office with bigger pay and added bonuses?? Obviously this is a, to which their own, kind of response… Does anybody recognize this happening on a daily basis around you?? Can you see thru the BS? Because in addition to all that, you also have the ethics “imposed” by the organization…which is a way of trying to control and adds another component to the company’s ability to fire a person. Listen, I understand that this is how it works, I do….just trying to scribble something about what I am able to see. Politicians are the biggest example of “very ethical” people who time after time stomp over opponents with shameful attacks and quickly stand back and state they had nothing to do with the adds which diminished the opponent. Many years ago, that would have been considered un-ethical….today; it’s part of the game. In this politically correct world we live in today, I find it very strange that many organizations will spend money to slander, beat up, and make people look evil for the sake of their cause. For the sake of their cause and because financial gains, I might add. Where are their ethics? Well, since their “opinions” do not match their “target’s” opinion, ethics flies out the window. We have examples of this all the time with animal activists, disease activists, environmental activists and organizations all over the planet. Once they label their “target” evil…..gloves are off and they continue to do so by trampling over ethics to grow in the corporate world. Once again, ethics is a matter of opinion! Ethics is also a matter of showing off! In any hierarchy the figure on top will state there is some concern and care for their “subjects”, because it’s politically correct to make such a statement and because it is ethical to make his or her opinion known. The only part that literally sucks, is that 99% of the time, that figure is just blowing smoke….but there is a need to appear transparent, politically correct and ethical. It’s an image thing, a front to make them look noble and concerned with the subjects well-being.

The choice is always yours, there is no right or wrong….literally, there is no right or wrong! Where we find ourselves debating whether certain actions are right or wrong is when there is a conflict between your ethics and someone else’s ethics….which again, goes down to opinion and we all know about opinions…..everyone has one.


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