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How Much Money Do Engineers Make?

Updated on October 4, 2015
Engineers have a very high salary
Engineers have a very high salary

How Much Do Engineers Earn?

An engineering job is without doubt one of the most hardest and challenging careers that a person can pursue but equally they are among the highest paying jobs in the world and the united states in particular. Yes, it may look hard, cumbersome, tiring and beyond the reach of many people but the returns you get are massive in that the salaries and remuneration of engineers is almost unmatched by those offered to other professionals working under the same economic conditions.

If you are an engineer based in the United States you have all the reasons to put a big and never ending smile on your face because luckily for you the potential of earning is unlimited. The hourly minimum rate for an engineer is much higher than the average in the labor market of the U.S. According to the United States department of labor the average pay per hour for an engineer is $36.32 which is much higher than the market average of about $21.

Types of Engineers

Petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineers in America are one of the best paid considering the amount they are paid for an hour of work they do which stands at a massive $61.53. Their job has to do with devising methods of improving oil and gas exploration, extraction and production to determine the need for new and modified tool designs. They also oversee the drilling of petroleum wells and the process offer technical advice that helps in attaining successful exploration.

Computer hardware engineers

Computer hardware engineers are another group of engineers who are paid massive salaries. According to the department of labor the mean hourly pay rate for a computer hardware engineer is $48.85. Their jobs aren’t easy either because they are required to research, design, develop and test computer equipments that are later released into the market for sale. They are also tasked with the supervision of the manufacturing and installation of computer parts and equipments. Application or software engineers aren’t included here as we are only interested in the hardware aspect of the computer system.

Nuclear engineers

These are yet another class of engineers who are highly paid for the work they do. The mean hourly pay rate for a nuclear engineer in the United States is $48.78 which is massive. Their jobs and the works they are required to carry out aren’t easy either. Nuclear engineers are tasked with carrying out extensive research on projects that apply the concept of nuclear engineering. They also put into practical application nuclear science to address challenges associated with nuclear energy and its waste disposal.

Aerospace engineers

U.S aerospace engineers are also highly paid. The mean hourly pay rate that applies to them is $47.61 which is massive. But what kind of jobs do aerospace engineers do? Well, it isn’t easy either. What if you are asked to design an aircraft or missile? They design, construct and test aircraft, missiles and other space objects. If you are up to the challenge, throw yourself there and do this job because it pays a lot.

Chemical engineers

Yet another type of engineering job that pays well is that of chemical engineering. Their pay per hour averages about $45.47 which isn’t bad. What kind of jobs do they do? They are tasked with designing and manufacture of chemical plant equipments and devices for the manufacture of various products like foods, chemicals, medicine, cement e.t.c.

So engineering is definitely a career worth pursuing given the opportunities it presents to you in terms of being paid very competitive salaries that are very rare to be seen in the other sectors of the economy.

What type of engineer job interests you?

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