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Engineering Interns Are In Big Demand

Updated on December 23, 2011

Despite the fact that unemployment remains high and many have stopped looking, if you are an engineering student seeking an internship you are in high demand. In demand are hardware and software engineering students.

Many companies want to "try before they buy" a potential employee, in fact, that seems to be the fad. Most internships have involved 3rd and 4th year students, but because competition is high, many are seeking 1st and 2nd year students.

Most internships last for 12 weeks and have a salary of $10,000, while most start-ups will have up to 90% interns. Even you cannot secure a paid internship, getting a non-paid internship is just as valuable in the long run, even if you life is hectic at having a paying job in the off hours. For instance, Facebook plans to hire 625 summer interns in 2012. Google hired 1000 last summer and plans to hire 1200 for the summer of 2012, Dropbox will hire 30. In San Francisco proper, there are 350 internships; in LA, 209; in NYC, 600; and 440 in Washington, DC. be proactive, submit your carefully tailored resume.

Students must apply early for these coveted positions and a great website is InternMatch, that helps students find them. Over 70% of college interns are offered full-time jobs after completing their summer internships, and like any graduate, you want a job right after school is completed. Many other companies like, Pixar, Disney, CBS,Yelp, Ebay, are seeking interns for the summer. The best advice is not to wait until April but apply for the positions now.

The old saying applies here: The early bird gets the worm!


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