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Engineers the Builders of a Nation

Updated on May 2, 2014

Engineering: One of the highly paid careers

Engineering, one of the most highly paid and in-demand professions in India. Now since you have graduated, it’s time for you to go on a job hunt however considering the large pool of un-employed engineering graduates landing with a suitable job is a daunting task. There comes a time when you regret not taking a semester off and doing an internship, which could have got some work experience on your resume. Finding a job with no experience is a tough task, If i go by my experience of finding my first job. However, fresh engineers are hired off-campus on the basis of their grades, institution and academics. During the first 6 months you’ll be designated as a Graduate Trainee Engineer, wherein the company will mould you in accordance to the skills required for a particular job role.

So here we’ll take an overall view of all the core branches of engineering, the companies where you can apply for jobs in your particular core.

Your Future as a Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most diverse branches of engineering. Being a mechanical engineer you are not only eligible to work with a company from your core however you can also apply for jobs in software companies or any other domain of Information & Technology. Working for a company from your core will help you to hone your skills as a mechanical engineer or be an expert in a forte. Automobile industry is also a lucrative option for those who are passionate about automobiles. Some of the best employers with whom you can look for jobs in mechanical engineering are Thermax, Maruti, Honda, L&T, Bosch and TATA. As a fresher or till the time you’re a trainee you’ll be entitled for a monthly stipend which will be revised once your training is over.

Electrical Engineer: One of the Highly Paid Professionals

Electrical engineering is among the highest paying professions in the world. Electricity being the basic necessity of human life and commercial activities, electrical engineers are absorbed not only in companies from the core but also by companies involved in manufacturing or production. As an electrical engineer you can find jobs with companies from the core such as Kirloskar, Siemens, General Electric, Schneider Electric and ABB. With the economy of India being at a nascent stage, and with a lot of infrastructural development you can also try looking for jobs as an electrical engineer with any of the real estate developers like the Ansal Group, DLF or Emaar. The remuneration as a fresher will be a little lower than your expectations nevertheless it will increase by leaps and bounds once you have established yourself as an electrical engineer.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering, one of the most sought after engineers in the industry. With the current shortfall of 7000 civil engineers in our country, your chances of finding a job in civil engineering are mammoth. With the increasing population, which induces the demand for built environment such as buildings, residential complex, commercial spaces, roads, flyovers, and malls; the demand for skilled civil engineers is witnessing an all time high. Real Estate and Construction companies are the ones you should eye at for a job. Jaypee Group, Hindustan Construction Company, Era Constructions, Shapoorji Palonji, and GMR are some of the key players of this core. Working for a famous company will allow you to learn on the job, by being a part of many of the big projects handled by them. The experience you will gain as a civil engineer will allow you to apply for senior level openings and a handsome salary package.

Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science is one of the recent branches of engineering. The widespread use of computer and other computing devices such as mobile phones, tablets and other hand-held devices both domestically and commercially has generated innumerable opportunities for Computer Engineers. As a computer engineer you can find jobs in varied sectors apart from Information Technology, like telecommunication companies also employ a large segment of computer engineers. Banks too these days hire computer engineers to maintain and supervise their products and the technology. You can find jobs in computer engineering with companies such as CSC, HCL, Adobe, Aricent, Accenture, IBM and Infosys. Computer engineering as a career is quite promising in terms of remuneration, future prospects and growth.

While you're on a Job Hunt

During the time you are un-employed I will suggest you to go for a short-term course based on your stream of engineering. — As it will help you to utilize time during your job hunt,
- Add one more skill to your skill set,
- Will keep your skills current and updated,
- Also reflects your dedication and passion towards learning new skills and your profession,
- Will allow you to cover the time gap while you were looking for a job.

So considering the above mentioned points will allow you to distinguish your candidature from the rest and make you stand out from the crowd of job seekers.

How to Find Jobs in Engineering

Looking for engineering jobs is no rocket science, with the help of job boards like Careerbuilder. You can look for a job in your particular stream of engineering, with job boards you can apply for jobs by narrowing down the search results to fit in your profile and your preferences. Making a strong resume and an appealing cover letter will help the recruiter to know about you even before you appeared for an interview. Sending a well written cover letter with your resume will distinguish your application from the rest, will help the employer to know why he or she should hire you apart from the other candidates. Being persistent and patient during your job hunt is the key to find success by lading up with a perfect job role.


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