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How to Choose an English-Chinese Website Translation Service

Updated on February 18, 2010

If business is booming on your English website, consider this – there are now almost as many Chinese-language pages on the Internet as there are English pages. Plus, as of 2010 there are almost 400 million Chinese Internet users and that number is expected to rise by 80 million this year. Would it be worth the investment to you if you could sell to 0.1% of Chinese Internet users? If so, it’s time for you to take a look at some of the English-Chinese website translation services out there.

The key in selecting a service is to choose one that can provide an accurate translation and write persuasive copy for your website. Optionally, it is beneficial if your translation partner is also able to deal with the technical requirements of website translation and run your ongoing Chinese-language Internet marketing campaign. Let’s go over these points in a bit more detail.

Accurate English-Chinese Translation

This is the absolute minimal requirement for any website translation. Are their translators experienced? Are they able to research whatever new terminology your website may contain be it widgets or wagoos? Are they able to show any past examples of accurate translations? Is their own website error-free or written in poor English? Your English-Chinese website translation needs to be accurate in order for you to be sure that your potential Chinese customers are getting the right information.

Persuasive Chinese Website Copy

Beyond just being accurate, it is your ultimate goal to sell, right? It is best to choose a translation company that is able to write copy that will ‘connect’ with the hearts and minds of your future Chinese customers. Many translators consider it enough to just make the translation accurate, but that’s academia, not business! Is your future English-Chinese website translation partner able to provide you with evidence of websites they have translated that really sell to Chinese readers?

Technical Know-How

If you don’t have somebody that can add the Chinese text to your website as well as edit your webpages as needed, then you had better make sure that they do. At the very simplest, fonts and text sizes will need to be changed to accommodate the differently-shaped Chinese characters.

Chinese-Language Internet Marketing Ability

Having a website is great, but only if you can actually get it before the eyes of your potential customers. Perhaps you already have enough Chinese traffic to your website, but that isn’t usually the case. It is great if the English-Chinese website translation company you choose is also able to run your Internet marketing campaign or at least refer you to a trusted partner of theirs that can.


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