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Engraved Office Signs: Are These What You Need for Your Architectural Sign Systems?

Updated on October 26, 2013
Engraved Office Signs
Engraved Office Signs | Source

Deciding on Your Signage Needs

When you are deciding on what kinds of signs to use for your architectural sign systems, probably one of the considerations would be engraved signs. Engraved office signs are usually considered for such a use for a number of reasons. For one, you can choose to use a wide variety of materials when it comes to engraved signage, which means that you can have these signs made according to your budget by choosing cheaper materials.

Another reason why people choose to use engraved signs for their architectural signage systems is due to the versatility of such signage. Engraving is a marking method that can produce either raised characters (this is when the surrounding areas of the sign copy is engraved instead of the copy itself) or sunken characters. You can also use any kind of font or design with this method, as long as the engraving machine that is being used is capable of creating the design.

Architectural Sign Systems
Architectural Sign Systems | Source

Should You Use Engraved Signs for Your Building?

The question now is, after you choose to use engraved signs for your architectural signage needs, is this type of a sign ideal for such a use? To get the answer to such a question, let us first understand what exactly architectural signs are and where these are used. Let us also understand what key elements need to be on signage for these to be considered architectural signage.

Numerous sign manufacturers may disagree about the right definition for architectural signage. If you were to ask each one however, they will readily agree that this system of signs needs to be able to add some aesthetic quality to the building or the establishment these are used on. In short, these signs have to be pleasing to the eyes as well as functional in the way that signs should be functional.

Now, to get to the question on hand, whether or not engraved signs are useful as architectural signs, this can be found out with a little careful connecting of the dots. When it comes to architectural signs, we all know that these are signs that are designed to help give the establishment or building an added aesthetic quality while at the same time doing its job of showing people where to go and where they are. As such, this means that an architectural sign system consists of both indoor and outdoor signs.

ADA Signs
ADA Signs

ADA Signs and Non-ADA Signs

While outdoor signs do not necessarily need to follow certain ADA rules (except for a few select ones), indoor signs is a different story. Majority of indoor signs need to conform with ADA rules, although not all of these have to follow all the same rules. Since some of the signs in an architectural sign system needs to conform with ADA guidelines, and most ADA signs are manufactured using engraving, then it is easy to assume that engraved signs are indeed ideal for use when putting together an architectural signage system.

Not all the signs in your sign system have to be ADA compliant so you can also choose to not use engraved signs for all your signage needs. You can actually choose to have a different marking method used in the creation of some of your signs, and the cohesiveness of the designs of your architectural sign system can come from the color combinations you use, the fonts you decide to utilize or the materials you choose to incorporate into such a system.

To conclude, when you are deciding on what kinds of signs to use for your establishment’s signage needs, engraved office signs can be one of the many types of signs that you use. You can also choose to use the same type of sign all throughout, if that is what you want. Suffice to say, when it comes to architectural signage systems, always keep in mind that these need to carry some aesthetic quality that can add to your building or facility and engraved signs can be pretty aesthetic when designed properly.


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