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Enjoy where you work?

Updated on December 29, 2012

Who do you know that will honestly say that they like the place where they work in? Or comes in with a smile every morning that they go to work? To many, the four letter word, work, can make us just frown or even slow our feet when it comes to going out the front door every morning.

Most of the time, you rarely find people who really like the job they are in. To most it is just a way to make a living and pay all the bills and so they just do what they have to do to make their eight hours or so go by fast. It isn't all the time we see people who really enjoy the work that they do.

I can say from the two jobs that I have ever had, I really enjoyed them both, I had to leave my first job because I had finally got a good full-time job in which I would make more. The first job I ever had was a good part-time job and it kept me busy. I really enjoyed it because being able to work with others and helping customers would give me experience for what I wanted to major in. I was known for being happy and smiling whenever I would go to work. However, when I was sad or something was wrong, I wasn't really smiling and they would notice immediately.

With the job that I have now, I really like it and actually look forward to going to work on a daily basis or whenever I am scheduled to work. I even go to work with a smile knowing that I am going to be helping out the people that really need it. Working in customer service makes one realize that every person is always needing help in some way, especially when it comes to the library.

To some people this may just be any other job that will help with the bills that come in every month, however, when you work somewhere you really enjoy then sometimes the amount that you may get paid isn't important just as long as you are working somewhere you like.

Work has a different meaning to everyone in their own way. Do you enjoy where you work on a daily basis or you find yourself wanting to do something else sometimes?


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