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Enriched Job Hubs in India

Updated on August 28, 2014

Job hubs in India

Your Job Hunt May Take You to Places

I was happy with the job I got in my native city and the capital of the country and never thought of switching to any other city for a better job. The job I joined soon after completing my graduation was paying me pretty well, but that wasn't the only concern. There were many things on my mind to take my career a step ahead. All my friends were moving out to explore better job markets and opportunities. It's a fact that Delhi isn't bad at all when it comes to finding a job in the city, but many still switch to the other job destinations to explore more of life, and so did my friends switched cities. Some moved to Bangalore, the globally renowned job hub, while some preferred Hyderabad to live their IT dream and I sticked to Delhi, my birth place where my family wanted me to stay.

I never had thought to moving to any other city to find my dream job. I had told myself that this is the place I will living in all my life, but life had more for me to explore, and it was something beyond Delhi. There were more surprises for me, and I realised it when a friend of mine from Bangalore gave me a call to tell me about a great job opportunity in his company. At first, I found myself uninterested in the bait, but till the time I completed my day at work, I found myself to be in the middle of the thoughts of considering the offer. This was the time I decided to consider it and even the other job offers from the happening job hubs such as Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune. For me, this was a hard decision which I got through quite soon. And so, I thought of writing this lens to let people know more about the other job destinations in the country.

And I loved Bangalore, the Job Hub

Each of you living in India must have heard about Bangalore, as a job destination, or a city with the most plesant weather. It surely is a popular Indian city that most of its residents simply love. Bangalore gives each of its visitors a warm welcome and a hundred job opportunities in varied domains. I too was welcomed in the city pretty well, with a pleasant weather and my friends. Besides the infrastructure, civilised people and pleasing views, there were things that I found to be interesting.

Bangalore is a city with a social mix of people. Most of the its population is migrated from other cities. Besides the native residents belonging to the southern shore of the nation, I could find many North Indians roaming around in the markets. It has the nicest restaurants, food joints, pubs, and what not. I could even see the stores of leading retail brands all around.

Reviewing the job sector of Bangalore

Bangalore remains a top priority among the professionals looking for jobs in IT (Information Technology) sector. Though the city has holds a lot more to it beyond IT. It is a favourable even for those in retail, biotechnology, healthcare and digital marketing. Below are some of the facts that helped me have a better view of the city’s potential to employ professionals from varied sectors.

-It is a leading IT exporter in India.

-Houses more than 900 IT firms.

-Presents itself as a centre of aviation industry too.

-Also referred to as the Aviation Monopoly Capital of India.

-Turns out to be one of the significant job markets for those employed in Biotechnology sector.

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Other Job Destinations in India

Hyderabad is another significant job destination

While I was scrolling through some of the job openings in Bangalore on a job portal, I found Hyderabad to be gleaming with great career options too. This influenced me to know more about the city’s job market, and the findings I later had with me were pleasing.

Hyderabad’s industrialization and the age old pearl business remains its attraction. However the city has grown well on varied standards, it has added on to the markets, it operates in. Hyderabad has presented itself as a major player in the pharmaceutical industry, as a result of which it is also called ‘India’s Pharmaceutical Capital’. Besides, it is a global centre of IT (Information Technology), which makes it earn the title of ‘Cyberabad’. It is home to more than 1300 IT firms, including the leading names such as Microsoft, Facebook, Dell, Yahoo, Infosys, TCS, and many others. Besides, financial services turn out to be another prominent sector in the city. With this, the prospects for many entry level and experienced professionals looking for jobs in Hyderabad are found in a good state.

You may even consider Pune

Pune may not be a full-fledged job hub, but will soon turn out to be one. The city has already developed itself into an education hub, which students from all across the nation look forward to. Pune even serve these students with some alluring job opportunities in IT, automobile manufacturing and public sector organizations. It is considered to be one of the nicest Indian cities to pursue education, and is even called the Pensioners’ Paradise.


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