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Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP with OSS and BSS

Updated on September 2, 2012

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

This is basically business management system software which is including the applications to manage the whole business. Those applications are integrated and have inter-connections. This is something a complex system which can manage all the areas of the company such as Planning, HR management, Finance, Accounts, Purchasing, Transporting, etc.
Although the all the systems are inter-connected, the security of the system is set up by adding the various privileged levels for various employees and customers. For example, the manager can access the finance systems, but the worker in the HR department cannot reach to that. Then a director of the company can access all the systems.
There are some famous ERP packages. Most of them are proprietary software. Most famous ERP vendors list is given below

  • SAP
  • Oracle Applications
  • The Sage Group
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SSA Global Technologies

BSS (Business Support System)

This is also basically used by the telecommunication services providers. BSS is software with the ability of product management, customer management, revenue management and orders management. In other wads it uses for business operation towards the customers including the billing. “Geneva” is a good example for it.
OSS (Operations Support System)
This is also an Enterprise Application which has been used by the telecommunication companies. This is basically using with the network systems. Telecommunication service providers use this to handle their network. OSS enables an enterprise to monitor, analyze and manage the network systems.
For example, we just think about providing a new connection to the customer. This process starts when the customer submits his application to the service provider and ends with providing the connection. All this steps in between this process can easily manage with the OSS. The employees can access this OSS through intranet. In special cases, employees can get the rights to access it through internet.

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